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  1. I use a Tascam dr 60dmKii as preamp going into the x-h1. No issues ... That way I can have two or more recordings of the sound and use whatever is cleaner
  2. Teasel looking rather menacing
  3. So what glue did you use for the 3 slider holes..?
  4. Is it just me ... but it seems most of the test shots I have seen are not the sharpest... The best I have seen so far of someone shooting at a race track .. I really would love to get this lens but I haven't seen too many OMG shots
  5. Well I got my 55-200 back today from Fuji Canada .. A little over a month getting repaired Diagnosed as : Replaced Axis rollers I have no idea what caused the problem ... I have never dropped the lens or used it in sandy conditions.. I was shooting a video and it ceased up I will put it through a workout this weekend on a road trip...
  6. Well it is external zooming ... Internal focusing So the whole barrel moves out about 2 1/2 to 3 inches to zoom i will find out I guess when the lens comes back with a report .. If not I will phone Fuji to see what caused it
  7. It was only running about 10 min and I tried to zoom in .. That is when it was really hard .. But I don't see how the zoom function which is totally hand driven mechanically has anything to do with the focus motors .. It was still focusing fine after 3 sessions of 15 min video recording ... I would of expected if it was focus motor issue it would of stopped focusing ... Still scratching my head
  8. Continuous focus on ... Yes ... But the lens zoom was stiff on or off the camera No problem focusing even though the zoom was stiff ...
  9. I was shooting a video last night and my 55-200 ceased up .. It took about 5 times the effort to zoom out to about 180 mm and then it was easy ..going back in you could hear a grinding sound.. I bought it 14 months ago, so I phoned Fuji Canada.. No problem they said send it in by purolator which they are paying for... Under warranty still No I didn't get sand on it or anything else.. I am very careful with my gear.. I am not sure if this a common issue or what exactly is the problem.. I imagine it is guide bushings or something like that,there is only so many moving parts in a lens barrel.. Other than that it has been a great lens.. Any ideas on the cause of this failure?
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