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Anyone having/had problems with factory standard settings, brand new x-t3 with kit 18-55 lens and focus hunting? I cant find anything online about this so assumed it was me...until I showed Fuji.

Lens fully zoomed in on a parking lot, no moving cars, or trees, shot in daylight, plenty to focus on (IE not a white wall), using factory set focus settings straight after a reset of camera, OIS on or off made no difference, ISO auto, shutter @ 1/60, aperture manual, 4k30, shot handheld, AF-C, UV filter on lens, focus point was central in frame (nothing moving) and about 20 meters away and nothing in between camera lens and focus point (trees).

To try and find out what was causing the problem I set the aperture to f20 = approx 2 second hunting frequency (from completely blurry to sharp, IE not a small hunt, its like it moves from extreme to extreme). As I reduce the aperture towards f16, frequency increases to say 0.5 seconds and then at f10 its not possible to see on the camera screen that there is hunting.

My test seems to show its aperture & zoom related, regardless, I cant accept that this is ok.

Above video in question was shot at the Fuji HO in South Africa to demonstrate the problem to Fuji so I don't have the video at the moment because I sent the camera in due to this hunting problem. They still don't know what the problem might be so I thought I would reach out and see if anyone can reproduce my problem so I can help Fuji help me solve my problem.

I have had a consistent problem with focus on the camera with a hit rate of probably 60%, video & photo. Even when the camera locks focus in AF-S mode, stationary scene, eye focus mode on and face mode on, photo mode, the camera will miss the shot and focus on the rear of the head region while it tells me its focused on the eye when clicking the rear dial in to show the focus point.

Any insight would be appreciate!

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try the camera in Aperture priority with an f stop under f8 i.e. f8 or f5.6

I discovered that when I have the camera in auto ISO and Autoexposure  in bright light my camera is unusable for video but works fine with stills tho.

I now set the iso manually and do aperture priority and have no problems. At high apertures in video something is wrong in the exposure options and the lens is so stopped down it hunts for focus. I can duplicate this on every lens I own

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15 hours ago, FromanZA said:

Ill try above. Fuji ended up swapping out my X-T3. What firmware are you running? I was running V3 above and now I have a new camera with V2.1.

See the other forum which ended up assisting to some degree:


That's exactly why you don't have focus hunting problems anymore. You are on old firmware (2.10). I am so glad I never rushed to update to 3.00, because that's the firmware that introduced focus hunting problems (and some other while we are at that).

If you don't want to experience focus hunting, do not update to firmware 3.00.

See this video by Wai Lam (link below), you can see how much of a problem focus hunting is after the 3.00 update:


Fujifilm needs to know about this, and fix it in the next firmware update... it should also come sooner, rather than later. People who are having trouble with 3.00, they can't simply go back, firmware downgrading is not supported on any camera as far as I know (I wasn't able to do it on my old Canon 7D, nor on Panasonic GH4), so I did not rush with updating my perfectly working X-T3 and existing 2.10

This guy is having trouble with USB-C charging after the update to 3.00:


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I have to agree with OP. I have the same issue with Firmware 3.0. It pulsate quite violently at time. Also I've been having this issue with some wobbling effect on the kit lens. I have to run more test this week but I tend to agree that lower the F stop seems to help a lot. Maybe Fuji just love tree too much. 


You can watch the first minutes of the video : 



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It's just incredible how it's even possible that bugs like this in that new firmware v3.0 simply go unnoticed, and it seems like no one even cares anymore. Sure, most people use their X-T3 exclusively for photography, and they won't even notice this focus hunting problem, since it's super obvious in video mode only.

What is Fujifilm doing about this? I reported this problem directly to Fujifilm HQ in Japan, along with hundreds of other people. They simply don't care. Where is that "Fujifilm famous with frequent updates for their users"?! I don't even need frequent updates, I just need them to fix this bug they introduced with firmware 3.0. I still have another X-T3 that's on old firmware 2.10, and focus hunting is non existent there. The other camera (my wife uses) with v3.0, is practically ruined with this update... and of course there is no way to downgrade and go back to the old firmware.

Fujifilm - if you can't fix this problem, at least allow users who diligently paid with their hard earned money for these expensive cameras, to at least be able to go back to the old firmware. I don't need your improved eye-tracking (still sucks a33 compared to anything SONY does), I just need my wife's X-T3 with firmware 3.0 installed to not have that super annoying focus hunting. It almost looks like it's broken. If you could have done that nicely with X-T30 (absolutely no focus hunting there), what is the problem with X-T3? Why don't they simply admit and at least promise they are working on the fix?

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Do what I did, take your camera back to Fuji, should still be under warranty and ask for a V2.10 firmware camera. They didn't give me any hassle, grief or issues. Direct replacement, new camera!

I was just about to update my software to V3 because "how bad could it be" and "maybe it was just me" and now i'll wait until V3.1 or V4.0 + some months before upgrading again....

Agree, its completely pathetic that they haven't released a fix yet.

Good Luck!

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For those living in the states, how would you take your camera to Fuji ? Just ship it out to them ? or call the customer service and ask them to downgrade your firmware version and once approved, then ship it out ? 

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In South Africa we have a local Fuji Head Office. I assume its the same in the states. I called them , told them about a weird hunting problem and they said to bring the camera in for analysis. When they couldnt tell me what was wrong (+- 2 weeks) they gave me a new camera and said they would keep in touch as they had to speak to Fuji Japan. That was the last I heard from them. From what I read, its not possible to downgrade firmware, I assume only maybe the engineers in Japan can.

Hope that helps!

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From Fuji South Africa, I asked whether Fuji Japan had found the problem/solution and this was their reply:
"The update was that they have found the cause in the firmware which is related to phase detection AF. The solution for the issue they are developing an upgraded firmware to solve the issue"
Now we wait :)

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