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XT-2 base plate screws?

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Hi, the screws on base of my xt2 which hold the capture nut used for mounting base plates have fallen out!


Anyone seen this before?


Any ideas on where i can get replacements? Going to try fuji see if they supply them.



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yes, the X-T1 had the same problem apparently.





the X Pro 2 too




I never had any problem on my camera, probably because I have always used an L bracket?


You can find the screws at Fuji  ( read the posts in the threads above, I’ve suggested direct contact with head office since local Fuji repair labs can get VERY greedy! Read the posts) but also any store that sells things for fine mechanics should have them.







Hi guys,



So I followed Milandro advise and fulfilled the Fujifilm HQ contact form. And this morning I had a nice news from the Switzerland team and they manage the repair of the lost screws for free !


So finally a good news, but I have to wait 2 more weeks to get ma camera back.


So don't be afraid to contact Tokyo if you're not happy with your local repair handling :-)



Thank you Milandro :-)




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