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Thoughts and advice on travelling with X100T only

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Has anyone ever travelled with an X100 series camera only?


I am going to be in India for 5 weeks and am seriously considering taking only my X100T. I really don't want to carry lots of camera gear but am also worried I'll regret not taking something with a wider or longer reach...


Any thoughts or advice greatly appreciated!

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I just got back from a three week trip to Australia and was happy with my X100S (converted to infrared) and my X100F. (I had my iPhone for a back-up but the Fuji's were flawless.)


But I have not used interchangeable lenses for about 3 years* now and am happy working within the X100 limits.  If I need a wider angle, I just shoot a panorama and crop what I want.  Telephoto shots; I just crop what I want.  Since I rarely do poster sized printing and most is just posted on Flickr and emails to my group, a small section of the original images serves for a great telephoto shot.


*My exception is my Pentax 110 film SLR.  My other film cameras are Fuji GSW 690III and a Fuji G617 fixed lens cameras.  I didn't want to bother with film (and weight of the big Fuji 120 Film Cameras) on my international trip so the X100 digitals were perfect.

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Guest Him

Interesting I am considering travelling with a 100F plus a XT-2 and 35/90mm or 100F with GFX50S and 63mm

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