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Field monitor doesn't work wit my X-T3

john giskes

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I bought a AndyCine A6II HDMI camera monitor. But the display can't be connected to my X-T3. I had the same problem with an earlier bought Viltrox DC-550 pro camera monitor. If I put my camera to a HDMI port of my computer monitor it shows the picture from the camera. This monitor is able to display a 4K 25frames, and below, videosignal. I had a Viltrox lens attached to my camera, later I switched it for a Fujifilm 18-55mm. Any idea what could be wrong?

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This is just a guess, but the specifications for that monitor say it only supports 8-bit bit-depth. Most of the video outputs for the X-T3 are set to support 10-bit bit-depth.

Try using the H.264 codecs, with the same frame rates, etc. and see if you get an image.



  • H.264: SD  card, 4∶2∶0, 8-bit/HDMI output, 4∶2∶2, 10-bit

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I may have missed something, but after reading through the settings listing, I do not think it is possible. Eight-bit HDMI is an older standard, I am guessing newer cameras dropped support for it.

You may have some good results with a converter:


But, …., it may be less expensive to upgrade to a recently released field monitor that supports newer standards.

edit: HDMI v2.0 is the minimum standard that supports 10-bit bit-depth, so avoid monitors that only support HDMI v1.4.

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