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X-S10 custom setting: aperture


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I just bought an X-S10 and after setting all the various options and began setting up the C1-C4 by saving those options by using "Save current settings". One result was that all four have a default aperture of what my lens was set at when I saved those current settings. I can change that easily enough, but still have a problem.

I shoot aperture priority and when I'm using a lens with an aperture ring, when I switch to C1-4, it ignores the custom aperture setting and uses the aperture rings setting. However, if the lens lacks aperture ring, the S10 ignores what the lens was set at and resets it to the custom setting aperture. So. if I'm shotting at C1 and adjust the lens aperture, then switch to C2, the aperture defaults to to the custom setting. Or if the camera times-out, when I turn it back on, the aperture has changed again.

I would like there to be no default aperture setting, so it uses whatever the lens was last set at. Is that possible?







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On 12/7/2023 at 7:24 PM, Bob_in_MA said:

I've determined it is not possible. Just a little annoyance.

It is definitely possible, maybe a little uncomfortable.

Choose Edit/Save Custom Setting on the third page of the Image Quality menu

Choose Edit/Check Setting

Click on the Custom Setting you want to change

The very first option you are given is to choose the Shooting Mode (that is where you can select Aperture Priority or Manual)

Don't forget to save your custom settings

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