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GFX 100 II - Bracketing

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Does anyone know how to turn off bracketing on the new GFX 100 II? The menu system is deep. When hitting the "drive" button it takes you to several options:

  • White Balance BKT
  • Film Simulation BKT

You can select what you want here and it seems fairly intuitive. However, you can not turn off the setting here. It's taking three iterations of the photo every time with the BKT setting. You can hit the "Menu/OK" button that takes you to the AE BKT setting where you can decide frames and step settings. Here you can take it up to +9 but not to "0"

What am I missing? How do you quickly turn on and off bracking? Or just take one picture with say the film simulation set to your preference like one photo with the REALA ACE look applied. Or when using the film simulation... are you forced to use bracketing and always have a series of images that come with it? It's a new camera of course and there are not a lot of resources out there. The manual does not indicate clearly how to turn off/on bracketing. 


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Press the drive button on the top left side next to the viewfinder to bring up the menu with the shooting modes.
With the joystick select the top entry in the menu to get back to single shooting. Or select any other entry that you want and finish with pressing Ok.

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