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iPad doesn't recognize sd card from my XT-4


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I purchased a SD card reader to use with my iPad when traveling so that I don't need to bring my laptop. My iPad doesn't recognize the SD card so I'm wondering if the card format type is the issue. 

I have no problem seeing the files on my laptop. 

As a relative newbie I would appreciate help with this issue.

Thanks, Kathy


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I have a different card reader for my laptop because the laptop is not a Mac.  I have no difficulty opening photos on the laptop.

When I plug in the card reader, that I purchased for the iPad, I see a message that an accessory is connected. However, I am unable to find the card reader when I check in Files.  Perhaps this is an issue with the card reader & not the SD card. Or maybe it is an issue with an older user that isn't very tech savvy. 

I had hoped to be able to preview & sort photos while traveling and without packing my laptop. 



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The message shows up depending on the iPad model and iPadOS version you are using, based upon the way you may or may not have set up your security settings.

Here are a couple of articles that may help (or, at least, I hope not cause more confusion):



p.s. Welcome to the forum.

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I do see "untitled" but when opened it is empty.

Update: I tried opening it again just now & there are my photos.  Maybe it is an intermittent issue.

Thank you for your help & suggestions. I am thoroughly enjoying my camera & taking pictures again.

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