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Issues when connected to Fuji App


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I've only had the X-T5 a few days so still discovering stuff.

I have a couple of issues with the Fuji app...

1) When I connect the Fuji App the the X-T5, I can see what the camera sees but none of the camera functions work. I can't focus, take a pic or change any settings. I can only focus and take a pic through the app - it's like the camera is put to sleep when connected to the app. is this the way it's supposed to work?

2) I can't see any images on the card that's in the camera. I can only see a pic in the app if I take it while the app is controlling the camera, as above. Is this right, should I be able to see all the pics on the camera through the app?

thank you

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1) Yes, that is how it works, otherwise there is no need for the app. You should be able to control other settings such as shutter speed, f stop, etc. by clicking on those icons lower down in the app, as long as it is not a manual lens.

2a) You should be able to see all of the images you took while using the app, these are stored on the card, so you are seeing some of what is on the card.

2b) Seeing every image on the card including the ones not taken using the app or while using the card in another camera is more suited for the image transfer apps. Doing that in this app would mean sending potentially a lot more info back and forth between the camera and the app which, if you are using a large card, could really bog things down.

p.s. Welcome to the forum.

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