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Fujifilm Geotagging / Bluetooth. Will it be reliable?


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I do a lot of travel photography with my Fuji cameras. The geotagging helps me a lot to manage the photos but the process of making it work drives me crazy. 

Every time I switch the camera on I have to reach for the iPhone, unlock it, open the XApp and wait for the Bluetooth connection with the camera to be established. If I switch off the camera, I have to repeat the process. Sometimes even if I keep the camera on while I walk around, it loses the Bluetooth connection…

I would expect that once the camera is paired with the phone (one time paring configuration) every time I switch the camera on it establishes connection with the phone automatically, without having to do anithing extra on the phone. 

This feature used to work better, at least for me, with the previous Fujifilm Connect App. It was not perfect, but at least I had to open the app for connecting maybe only one time per day. Once the app was in background it would reconnect with the camera even if the phone was locked. 

All my gear (see below) is updated to latest software versions. 

Is there anybody with a better experience regarding geotagging?

Any tip what could I do to get a better performance?

Does anybody have an idea if Fuji is working on improving the geotagging?

Do other systems have a more reliable geotagging?


X-T4 (2.01), X-T30 (2.01)

IPhone 12 (iOS 16.6)

XApp (1.0.3(1))

XF23mmF2, XF35mmF2, 16-80mmF4, 70-300mm, 18-55mm

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