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Fuji X Raw studio and Macbook not detecting camera

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Hey, I'm having an issue with my Macbook and Fuji X Raw studio not detecting my Fuji XT5. Mac is updated to the latest Ventura 13.5 and X Raw studio is updated to the latest 1.19.0 . My camera and lens does have the latest firmware updates installed ( Body: 2.02 / Lens: 1.20 ). I have the correct connection mode set to USB RAW CONV./BACKUP RESTORE. I've tried all three USB-C ports on my Macbook and used different cables as well. These different ports and cables do work with other devices. There is a positive sign that when the camera is plugged in, it shows its charging via a plug icon above the battery icon on the camera screen. I have also tried restarting my laptop. Finally I have confirmed that the Macbook version and camera is compatible with the X Raw Studio. This program has worked before but just like now, I've had problems the time before as well getting it going. I wish I can remember what I did. Not sure what else there is to do so if anyone has any solutions please let me know, thank you.

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