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X-T4 is damaging batteries


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For a year now I have been struggling with my camera, my dealer cannot really help me, hence I am turning to you in the hope of finding a solution.

In May 2020, I purchased an X-T4 with some lenses, battery-grip, 3 batteries and a charger for it.

Since last year, I experienced the problem of my camera shutting down when shooting with the battery grip. This did not happen with the first photo, but after a while ...

This spring, my 3 batteries were almost always dead immediately, battery age is at the lowest mark. So I buy a new battery a few months ago, but in the meantime the battery age of that one also went to the lowest mark.

My suspicion is that the problem lies with the body - all the battery-consuming functions are off - it's as if my body is destroying the batteries ... and where at first I thought that my battery grip didn't work anymore, I now think that this is also due to the body.

If I take 50 pictures, I have to change batteries. If I also use a flash in the process, it's completely out of order. 

Have you had this before? What is your advice?

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Have you tried shooting without the grip to see how many images you get?

p.s. Welcome to the forum to you (and RolandP).

p.p.s. You may end up having to send the camera and grip in to the service center, but in the mean time trying to trouble shoot things without knowing what you and your dealer have tried can turn into generic approaches:

1.) The body, only, has issues. Try the camera with a full battery and see how long it lasts.

2.) The grip, only, has issues. Try a different grip with full batteries.

3,) The batteries themselves have troubles. You may have received dud batteries, or counterfeit batteries — these look really close to OEM batteries but are fakes that do not last as long. Also, some third party batteries do not last very long.

4,) Some combination of the above, but you will most likely need to ‘put the gear on the bench’ and test all the connections, hence  either take it to a camera repair shop or send it in to Fujifilm and let them work it over in their back room until they fix it.

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