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Patrick FR

NEW Cactus V6 II Wireless Flash Transceiver brings HSS to Fuji X system!

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Another Fuji X-T1 owner got it working with same trigger but he had to use two triggers in order to use his Canon flash. I only needed one to put Godox trigger on top of it.

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Sorry, I am new to HSS:
- Is HSS output power always manual or is there an automatic "TTL like" mode for HSS?
  (I have seen guys with HSS soft boxes outside on events, so I suppose an automatic mode must exist?)
- How about the Cactus V6 II: automatic or only manual power output adjustments?

Thanks a lot,

X-E2 shooter

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    • But... You can't monitor audio and power the camera from the same usb port. I've tried several splitter options and none of them work; leaving me to monitor audio with their usb dongle and pull that if I have to power the camera with my monitor battery usb out. When shooting video a camera is fully caged, with matte box, rails and follow focus. You don't want to change a battery out. You pretty much have to tear down your rig to do that...  
    • 23 f2 quite better of 23 1.4 is laughly.
    • Is it too heavy for the little camera? thanks  
    • Go to SETUP (spanner symbol)  - Save Data Setup  - Copyright Information - change the information on Copyright and Author here) It is well buried I have to admit but this should solve your problem.  Peter    
    • Hi Ken, Have you considered trying Davinci Resolve?  I have used it with 4K H.265 4:2:0 generated with an X-T3.  Color grading tools are excellent.  Works well on a Mac.  But I know there is Windows version.  You can download the very powerful freeware version 17 that has no time limits to see if it works for you. Don Barar
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