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16-55 f/2.8 dust inside lens


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Hi, i bought 3 months ago a new copy of 16-55 f/2.8 and after taking some shots on f16-f22 i found on photos big spot which looks like dust spot. I thought that was dust on a sensor but checked it on another camera body and spot is still present. So i carefully check last element on the lens and found behind it (inside lens) little spot of dust or something else. My question is to live with that or try send lens to fuji service center ?

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Very rare, but lens is WR and Red Badge so it should not happen with brand new lens. Maybe i'll try send it to Fuji service center. I had similar problem with new x-h2s which had a smudge visible on photos even on very wide apertures and send it to fuji becasue blowing and cleaning by swabs not helped. They change filter on the sensor under warranty and now everything is ok.

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