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  1. I'd probably sell my 23/2 and keep the 27/2.8 were it not for the fact that it was in a single box package with the X-E3 and it seems silly to split them up. I do prefer an aperture ring, but the lens is optically very good indeed.
  2. Apologies if you've read this story on another forum but it is worth re-telling. Sunday 6th - X-E3 fails to start up Monday 7th - Book a repair on line (actually it was probably late on Sunday) Tuesday 8th - Prepaid packing material arrives Weds 9th - I post the camera Thurs 10th - Arrives at Fuji, new main board fitted, dispatched via carriers Friday 11th - Nothing! Sat 12th - Camera arrives and appears fixed. Emails and texts at every stage. Only complaint is that the carriers told me it would arrive Monday 13th and it arrived early about a hour afte
  3. The 55-230 is Ok. Mine was sharp, AF was ok and the only issue was the modest aperture. I upgraded out of vanity mainly,
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