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XPRO 3 - shutter release issues

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I have an XPro3 which seems to be suffering some shutter release issues. 

I have noticed that the shutter release needs quite a hard press to activate and very hesitant to fire. On other occasions it is soft to release as normal and occasionally the shutter is released twice. The shutter release is not set to multi. 

Has anyone else experienced these issues? If you have, were you able to fix it? Or is it a n issue that needs it to be returned to Fuji to sort out?

I will be grateful for any replies and help on this annoying issue. 

Thank you in advance. 




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I think I have a similar issue.

I own an xpro 3 since December. Before that I had an x100s

Most of the Time the shutter is reacting as expected. Sometimes, often multiple times in a row, the shutter just does not seem to react properly when full pressing. It takes 2 sec to fire for example, after fully pressing down. Or just a half a second longer than normal. I often thought my finger was a bit off the shutter but over time I am really convinced it is the camera. It is as if a full press does not register for a short moment.

mis this what you are describing as well?

I am shooting a manual lens and have tried multiple settings. I first thought the boost mode solved it, but now it returned. I am not shooting with clarity. I also ruled out an almost empty battery as I had it just after a full charge. 
Often I thought it returned each time I connected the camera to the computer but this as well does not seam the origin.

I still believe it is somehow a software issue easily resolved but fail to find it.


have you send it in to check with Fuji?

thank you for keeping us updated.







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I have an update on this issue. 

I returned my camera with about one day left of the warranty. 

According to the paperwork that came back with the camera the top plate and eye piece were replaced. The camera appeared to be working fine, the shutter release seemed to work as it should. 

Within a few days the problem of multiple activations started again. One press would fir the shutter two or three times. Not every time but certainly every day and several times a day. Its very irritating and frustrating. 

I contacted Fuji who have asked me to send the camera back to them, I have found Fuji very helpful. 

I shall keep you updated. Incidentally a non warranty repair was shown as £220 I believe. I have had a non warranty repair of a lens recently and Fuji cannot be faulted. I am very implressed with their service. 

I follow a professional photographer and Youtuber who was raving about the Xpro3 but he had a similar issue with the shutter release being hesitant.  He got rid of the camera in the end because of the problem.



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thanks for the reply.
2 weeks ago a switched the 'bluetooth off' and have yet not got the issue.
Hope for me this is it.

Nice that fuji is being helpfull, on the other hand I am afraid this means it is a hardware issue they know exists.

Thank you again for keeping me up to date.



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The camera was returned with a new top plate. Almost immediately the issue of multiple activations with one press started again. It was getting quite irritating so that I diddn't want to use the camera. Contacted Fuji and they asked me to sed it back to them. All free postage by the way. 

They had it for a week but couldn't recreate the issue so nothing was done to it. It was returned and the issue seems to have gone. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it remains so. 

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Thank you. 

On 8/11/2023 at 6:01 PM, Paul David Drabble said:

Have you checked the release/focus priority?

If its set to 'Focus' the priority for the camera is to focus before allowing the shutter release to fire AF-s and AF-C can be set to different priorities.

Menu/OK button> select AF/MF  > scroll down to Release/Focus Priority and enter that menu.

It is set to focus priority.  The issue is that intermittently the camera shutter fires multiple times with one press of the shutter when it is on single. Fuji are seemingly unable to fix the issue presumably because it is an intermittent problem. 

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I too had a shutter release issue on my X-pro3 whereby the button was hard to depress and there was no ‘half press’ stage so - nothing ventured - I used graphite powder around the switch and then screwed the red plunger accessory button back in and used that to manipulate the shutter in order to get the graphite powder into the switch mechanism and basically my shutter release is good as new and I can hear the first click of the half press and the button continues to the full press.

**Graphite powder is a conductor and also a very good dry lubricant**

You can probably purchase graphite powder but I made mine (the old fashioned way) by sharpening a pencil to expose a long slither of Lead and then scraped the lead with a sharp modelling knife such that the graphite powder fell around the shutter button and then used a tiny paint brush to build up the graphite around the circumference of the shutter. Then I re-attached the red shutter button attachment and agitated it every which way until the lubricant did it’s job.

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Some information about myself, relating to Fuji X Film cameras, and Particularly my experience with the XPro line of cameras.

Bought the X100 when first launched, was a great camera at the time

Purchased the Xpro 1, and Pro 2 cameras . Both served me well. 

I actually had dropped the Xpro 2 number times, once in a river in a badly sealed waterbag(my fault), The camera was thought to be a write off, But a Camera Repair Tech, took it apart and its still going.

I looked forward XPRO 3, AND SAVED UP FOR IT. HOWEVER, its been much more temperamental, and my user experience so far has been with mixed feelings

A while ago I started having shutter lag issues, I v been really frustrated by this, it render the camera unsuitable for the way its supposed to be used. 

I v tried finding answers, but nothing has solved the problem. It set to release priority, and I v disabled the Bluetooth(according to the bit of reading I found, these were apparently things mentioned, that may solve the problem, It hasn't. 

Another person mentioned something to do with the shutter button it self being the culprit?

I m about to advertise  my unit. Most frustrating, and utter disappointment with this camera. 

I hate gimmicky stuff that doesn't do, what its advertised to do.

I really wanted to love this camera.

But I fear its made me have serious doubts abut Fuji, and if I want to continue with the brand

I m trying one more time, seeing if there is any forthcoming advice, or insights? Would appreciate it

All the Best JSW

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