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Doesn’t work manual focus while recording video.


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Hello everybody!

I want to ask for help. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, or I missed some settings.

I bought a new lens XF 23mm 1.4 R. And everything works great except manual focus. It doesn't work when recording video. Before pressing the record button, the manual focus is working. After I press record button to focusing manually becomes impossible.

The focus freezes at the point where it was before start recording, and no matter how I turn the focus ring, nothing happens. The focus selector on the camera is set to M mode. Lens focusing wheel is moved to the manual position.

I looked through the settings, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything.

Paradox, when I put the camera on the Ronin S and connect it via type-c cable, the gimbal electronic follow focus works. And I have the ability to focus manually.

Hope someone knows how to solve the problem.

Use XT-3 camera with latest firmware update.

Thank you and have a nice day.

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I have the same problem. Got my copy of the 23. 1.4 R a week ago, used, but very good condition. 
Only figured out today, while out on an assignment, that it doesn't manual focus while recording. 
No solutions so far. XT3, body and lens firmwares are on the latest version.

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Right, so I found a weird but arguably very useful workaround: when you're in video mode, put your camera into AF-C (Continuous) mode, and engage the clutch whenever necessary to pull focus - disengage to leave focus on a certain area. Maybe my lens is already very used but even just a slight push upwards on the clutch (i.e. without fully engaging it) the AF mechanism kicks in, pulls focus, and as soon as I release the slight push, it disengages the AF :)

It's kinda fun to use now, not gonna lie... However, the AF on Fuji isn't the best to begin with, so having an option to still manually focus would be very much appreciated; but at least there is a workaround! Semi-manual AF lol

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