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Selecting a Mount Adaptor Setting (1-6 on Fuji X-S10)


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I have just purchased a Samyang MF 100mm Macro F2.8 Lens for use on my X-S10.

As it is not an adapted lens I assume I am in the correct forum for this question.

On the X-S10 I can set the focal length and lens name in the Mount Adaptor Settings section of the menu so that the lens is shown in the Exif data.

What I cannot discover is how to select between the 6 lens options whenever I attach this lens.

Can anyone help with this?

Thanks, Dave.

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What happens when you try the following? :

Attach your manual third party lens, turn the camera on and go into the shooting setting menu to the mount adapter setting. Scroll through the menu choices and leave one of the lens highlighted. Half press the shutter butter or fully press the shutter button. Go back into menus and see what is listed, maybe choose a different lens and repeat the process. If you fully press the shutter button each time, what value does the embedded EXIF information contain?

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Thanks for your help Jerryy, the lens was delivered today and I have found that attaching the lens to the X-S10 automatically selects the first lens setting in the Adaptor Settings (I had set this setting to 100mm with a suitable lens name). The EXIF data is updated accordingly. I will experiment with your suggestions but it seems strange that there is not a section of the manual that explains switching between lenses. I may email Fuji for the answer.

I must admit I am pleased with the lens and the way it works on the X-S10. I just need to get used to getting the point of focus exactly where I want it, a few more days of use should do it.

Thanks again, Dave.

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As requested here are some of the first images I took with the Samyang f2.8 100mm macro lens.

These are all jpegs straight out of camera (no processing) and hand held. I used iso800 to get a reasonable speed but the IBIS made a big difference.
I have to say my main problem is the limited depth of field and focussing hand held is difficult.

Using the MF assist I have experimented using Focus peak highlighting and Digital microprism. I have found the latter to be more useful when very close.

The toadstools are appx. 2cm diameter.
The lilly flower (DSCF9402) is appx. 5cm diam.
The Salvia flower (DSCF9439) is appx. 1cm diam.

Thanks for your interest jerryy.


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As requested.

DSCF9339v1 is a woodlouse in a pine cone.

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