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X100F Problem - Turns off and back on

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My beloved X100F turns off anytime, during shooting, after a shot was taken, or when I am doing something in the menu. Even when I turn the teleconverter to zoom, it can switch off. Sometimes does it, sometimes not. But really I cannot use the camera as in a minute use it does it several times.

I have more batteries, all 2.5 years old, almost never used, the camera does the same with all of them. I changed the SD card as well, updated firmware, etc. Same issue.

It is something like a standby mode. As soon as I push the shutter button halfway, it gets "awaken" again. I tried everything. Performance mode, Eco mode, etc, standby time to 2 minutes, no standby, 30 minutes, etc. Have you ever seen this problem before?

I live on a place where diagnosing the problem would take 30 days for the service and repairing is another 60 days so I would really like to hear all your tips and ideas please!!!

Thank you SO much!


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