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  1. I picked up a Cannon TTL off camera cable from Amazon - works fine
  2. Don't overlook a used X100 either - just make sure you get a later serial number to avoid sticky blades - anything over about 130k is fine Over time I've had all X100 cameras - and the original hold up well with latest firmware imho
  3. Ordered mine today - being delivered tomorrow - from Amazon UK
  4. Ordered mine Sep 22nd from Jessops - had an email to say arriving tomorrow:-)
  5. Ps will be using X-T1 with or without battery grip
  6. Hi all, wonder if anyone could help me decide on a lens to compliment my 16-55mm and 55-200mm. Family holiday soon to US - LA, Disney, Vegas and Grand Canyon. Clearly most places covered by existing glass but am looking for a 3rd and final smaller and lighter lens for those times when taking a big one just won't be practical. Am thinking here evenings out, possibly Disney too etc. Trying to decide between 18, 27 and 35/2. Thoughts ? Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm currently just using x100t and leaving x-t1 at home with multiple lenses. Found myself getting back into gas mode with x-t1 which defeats my initial reason to move to Fuji x. If I'm happy my plan is to just keep x100t. Feeling more liberated again
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