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  1. I've shot a lot in torrential rain using XT-1 and XPro2. Might other cameras have survived? I can't say. What I can say is that I just went out and assumed it would all work and.. it did. One less technical thing to worry about so that I could pay attention to what I was *actually* doing -- shooting, not worried about keeping gear dry. 've seen both X-Pro2 and XT-2 get fog in the finder in really heavy downpours. That chamber is isolated from the "real" lens-to-sensor chamber. It will dry out.
  2. Thanks -- if you're outdoors at a fixed f/stop, have you tried just setting manually and running with it? The light is pretty constant. After years of enjoying auto settings I've gon eback to manual, since the settings are pretty consistent for all cameras. Handy if you have more than one body
  3. I've been trying it out, and since I couldn't find any sort of guide of using it with Fuji Camera Remote, Instax, etc, I've started writing one here -- hoping that folks here might also lend any insights or expertise on making it better! Thanks, kb
  4. I'm very curious about the XF50ƒ/2WR, but while waiting I purchased a little Meike lens as a temporary friend. Here are a few notes about my experience with it: http://www.botzilla.com/blog/archives/000893.html
  5. For those of us who have grown up shooting with 35mm film rangefinders this lens is... overdue! Something this size that works as an equivalent to the 90mm 'cron (or zeiss, or the Canon 85 or the Nikkor 105/2.5...) is a fine thing. The 56/1.2 and 90/2 are fine optics but tough to just carry in your jacket every day. Right now making due with a little Meike or the 56, I'll be quite happy when I can drop the 50WR into my pockets.
  6. Lenses are tools. Do you prefer a hammer, or a screwdriver? What matters is what you're building, and not the price of the hammer vs the price of the screwdriver. If you're not sure, go for the 35 because in a pinch you can always crop to a smaller frame but not crop to a larger one.
  7. pick the photos you've shot that you like and wish you had more of.
  8. I too got rid of my 5D's and have been happy with the decision. I gave them to my daughter, who has made good use! https://www.instagram.com/bjorkette/
  9. I had the 34ƒ1.4 as my first Fuji prime, back when I got an X-T1 (and subsequently gave my Canon gear to my daughter, who has put it to good use!). I have beaten on that lens a lot, and when the WR version appeared I went to it straightaway. The 23ƒ2 makes a nice WR replacement for my X100T. The ƒ1.4 still has a special look wide-open which I occasionally like to exploit... I expect that by early next year I'll be settled on the 18/23/25/50 WR's with the 90 as a backup, and may sell my 56 and 16 and maybe the Xt-1 too, with a second X-Pro2 and keep the X100T (or an F) as a backup. This will be a pretty old-school kit which is a good thing. https://flic.kr/p/NhaEDG <- recent 35mmƒ1.4 sample
  10. survey is dated. Since the 23f2 came out it has been my primary optic, with the two 35's and the 18
  11. You'll have to take my word for it, but: I shot raw for many years and quit very intentionally.
  12. Not a review, but some samples. People on Some Other Forum have been madly fretting over close-focus wide-open performance. So I took a couple of snaps to test this out. I think it looks fine for realistic purposes. Sorry if it's not a $400 match to the $3K 35mm Summicron, but it ain't nearsome as bad as the fearful online hand-wringing might have you believe. But see for yourself: pix and comps and PSD all here. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ngaod90cyy8knpd/AADFi-qjdv7B8i6Qf0uDIm9Va?dl=0 Yes, I shoot JPG. I know this will leave wriggle room for the people whose standards of quality are much much higher than mine to exploit. That's okay.
  13. If Ken only posted assertions with which everyone already agreed, no one would post angry links about them. It's 2016 and people still don't realize that's how the internet works?
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