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    Apple Products, Travel and Landscape Photography - Not into street shooting at all.

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About Me

I'm a full-time stock and travel photographer.  I shoot for myself as well as for several stock and micro-stock agencies.  

I've been photographing landscapes and travel since 1974, and weddings since 1985.  Back then for weddings I used medium format gear with film, both color (Kodak Portra) and Black & White (Ilford).  Even though I've retired from the wedding biz, there have been several occasions where I've had my arm twisted and have gone back to photograph weddings including several destination events from the Jersey shore to the deliciously warm beaches San Juan Puerto Rico.

You can see some of my work at the links in my signature,  

Getty Images

xshooters blog

The Bruce Coleman Agency, London

Shutterstock (a small sample of my work)

Adobe Stock

TurningArt (Commercial Sales & Leasing of Images for home and office)

Dreamstime + Other numerous other sites


Commercial/Industrial work in plants, warehouses, etc


I've been using digital since 2002 and have never looked back though I kept my medium format Mamiya 645AFD and the lenses right up until about a couple of years ago when I finally sold all of it.  Now, it's just the Fuji X gear. 

My first digital camera was a Fuji FInepix 4900Z.  4.1 Megapixels.

From there I graduated to the Finepix S1Pro, then the S2Pro with Nikon lenses since these two were "frankencameras" based on the Nikon 8008 and took Nikon lenses.

Now I've come full circle after Nikon, Mamiya, a short stint with Canon (very short), and have returned to Fuji. 










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