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  1. I'd buy the XE1. Great sensor, cheap and very close to analogue feel. @xftales
  2. I loved my Samyang 12mmf2, sold it and got the XF16mm1.4. But now selling my 16mm to go back to Samyang. It's easy to manual focus and takes great astrophotography shots. Also great for travel and skateboard photography. @xftales
  3. Napier, NZ a few years back. I had to quickly get my camera when I saw these kids walking home late at night. It look timeless but it was 2017. Not the best crop or the sharpest but at least I got the moment. @xftales
  4. I own XS10, XT2 and XE1. I notice almost no difference after I workedwoth the files in RAW. Jpgs I prefer the XE1. XS10 has cool simulations but main reasons to get it is the grip and IBIS. @xftales all photos shot on XE1
  5. I was after a manual 35mm lens for my Fujifilm lineup and there's a sea of them out there. I own vintage Olympus 35mm & a Leica Leitz Summicron 35mm. But they are heavy and pretty big with the adapters. So I got a used 7artisans 35mm1.2 mark2 for 80 euros. After just a few minutes with it I was in love. It’s by far the best manual lens I've tried. Great built, small, smooth focus ring and great optically. It optically beats all my vintage optically from Konicam Olympus and Leitz/Leica. I find it optically better than the new Voigtländer 35mm 1.2 nokton X from f1.2 to f2. The rendering is old school but the sharpness is there. Looks great to. Here on my XT2 SOOC F1.4
  6. Johan O E

    Monochrome dreams

    Only shooting in black and white for a year to see where it takes me. Johan O E
  7. If you shoot jpg then the free Snapseed is all that you need. If you shot RAW and don't want to print bigger than 40 inches (1m) then lightroom is great. Johan
  8. Currently photographing with my XE1 and the XF18mmf2 for a personal project. Only in black and white and in 1:1 crop mode A challenge to change my perspective, learn more and see the world through different eyes @xftales
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