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  1. In case useful to others, I've mapped the EXIF info for the various film simulations offered by the Fuji X100F. You need to read 2 tags (FilmMode and Saturation) to get the full information. I've used exiftool, a command-line tool, to get this. I am on a Mac but exiftool is freely available on most platforms. (Now if someone could find out whether whether usage of the built-in ND filter is captured in EXIF...) # exiftool -m -s -f -FilmMode -Saturation *.JPG ======== Acros+G.JPG FilmMode : - Saturation : Unknown (0x503) ======== Acros+R.JP
  2. I am a bit relieved (sorry, I know that's selfish!) to hear about someone else having that issue. When I raised this in another forum I got a lot of weird looks and "you need to be more gentle" types of comments... I'm having the same problem with my X100F that I got in February. RCD is way too sensitive and I keep on depressing it while trying to scroll. No such issue with front wheel. I subsequently tried the demo model in a store and it definitely did not have that problem. I am now waiting for a replacement for mine. Let us know how your replacement works out for you!
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