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  1. Hi, unfortunately you will have to live with this issue or you have to sell for camera ;-) By that time it's a well known and described phenomenon of the sensor (X-T2 and X-Pro2) and the only chance to avoid it is to be careful and change the camera position a little bit when you see it in the EVF. You will find much more about it here: http://www.mirrorlessons.com/2016/07/25/fujifilm-x-pro2-grid-artefacts/ And yes, you can find some problems with purple flare with other systems as well (remember Olympus OM-D with the Panasonic 7-14), but I've never seen such grid pattern anywhere else. And it is very easy to reproduce this kind of grid pattern... fortunately you can see it in the EVF and changing the angle a little bit to avoid it is easy as well. I own the X-T2 and the X-Pro2 and have to live with the issue as well... I wanted to upload some examples I've shot with the X-T2 but I didn't find the button for attachments... is it that complicated or am I just blind? ;-) Update: Ah, found it...
  2. I can't confirm that at all. I would rather say it seems to be faster and snappier... even under the darkest conditions.
  3. For me the best way is to use the left hand to create a shadow... no kiding here. I have done this with every camera I've ever owned and always found it worked better than any larger eyecup.
  4. Ah, OK. I've tested it... mine has a tight fit as well, but it's not difficult to remove.
  5. I've got mine yesterday and can confirm that it is both very well made (even the folding mechnism) and really usefull ergonomically...
  6. Yesterday Fuji officially confirmed that the flickering is caused by the aperture, but did not call it a malfunction. According to what they said it is a normal and wanted behavior of this camera. Ok, good to know, but I'm still convinced that it is not a neccesary behavior and could be changed by Fuji, as other cameras do it in a better way, even other Fuji cameras. We will see... and yes, it's not a deal breaker, but would definitely be better otherwise...
  7. I have to correct myself... it also happens in darker conditions. The only thing you have to do is to set the lens to a smaller aperture. Then the camera closes the aperture during focussing and opens it after releasing the shutter button. The same phenomenon comes up then every time... only reversed.
  8. I'm pretty sure now that it is related to the closing aperture... you never see it in poor light conditions when the aperture stays open. For some reason the electronic seems to have a problem 'smoothing' the steps of closing aperture in the EVF and LCD. I'm pretty sure as well that Fuji can fix that...
  9. I don't think the battery is the problem. Did you try it while pointing the camara to bright light, let's say outside? In darker conditions the flickering diasappears (maybe becauce the aperture does not close).
  10. Right, the aperture is closing in light conditions, not in one step, but in several small steps (in difference to X-100 e.g. which closes the aperture after releasing the shutter button in one step and faster)... that might be the source of this flickering. And should be easy to correct I hope...
  11. I did not recognize any other problems till now... never seen that reported bug
  12. As long as it is a firmware problem and Fuji will fix it... OK.
  13. Hi, same here, but in the beginning I did not notice it on the lcd, because I rarely use it. I noticed ithe problem on the evf, especially in daylight, not in artifical light. Almost everytimes after focussing the evf flickers very fast, let's say 3 to 7 times. No difference between the power management modes. Because I bought the camera one week ago, I'm not sure if it was different with firmware 1.01. I have already contacted Fuji, but no answer till now. Yes, a little bit annoying... I'm not a videographer, so the quality is... ;-) But if you look attentively you will see it anyway...
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