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  1. I also have the GFX 50S... but I didn't make full use of it. I still deliberate whether it would be different with a GFX 50R... but it's maybe only GAS.
  2. Thanks, Paul! I think your plan is good... the camera is great, but it should fit someone. I just sent mine to service to check out this OVF thing. If it's my eyes, okay, so it is. But I'm still not completely convinced... Peter
  3. Just because I don't want wo write everything twice: https://peterpoete.de/fujifilm-xpro3-review-english/
  4. Just because I don't want wo write everything twice: https://peterpoete.de/fujifilm-xpro3-review-english/
  5. For those, who are interested... here my as honest as possible review of the X-Pro3. https://peterpoete.de/fujifilm-xpro3-review-english/ I'm curious to hear your opinions, even if they're contrary to mine. 🙂 Peter
  6. ... yes, me too ;-) http://peterpoete.de/with-fujifilm-on-the-road/ I am curious what the service will do :-) And how long it will work with a new one. What a pity on such a great camera!
  7. Hi together, I have changed my opinion on that lens totally and really started to love it despite its known quirks. http://peterpoete.de/a-second-try-the-fujinon-xf18-f2/ Cheers, Peter
  8. Olympus OM-D E-M5 MKII and E-M1 can easily be compared to it... ... and by all accounts Leica SL :-)
  9. I don't see any noticeable delay for the subsequent shots in AF mode... neither in Aperture Priority - regardless which aperture I've chosen - nor in Program Mode... the only very short "delay' I notice is due to the autofocus, but it's lightning fast for all the shots as I already said... I could shoot the camera without any interruption, even if I don't know why I should shoot like this... but I've tried to do it and it works perfectly ;-)
  10. Sorry, I don't get the point and give up... the autofocus works exceptionally well in Aperture Priority and is lightning fast in addition, at least with my copy of the X100F... doesn't matter if it's the first or the fifth picture. I don't recognize any significant delay at all... And I don't understand the point you mentioned with the "full auto mode". I thought we are talking about Aperture Priority...
  11. Autofocus mode is unusable? C'mon man ;-) You will find my two cents about this problem at the very end of: http://peterpoete.de/the-f-stands-for-the-fujifilm-x100f/ No offence, Peter
  12. Hi, here you will find my review and thoughts... http://peterpoete.de/the-f-stands-for-the-fujifilm-x100f/ Cheers, Peter
  13. Obviously we do... ;-) As we both seem to be happy with our choice, there is no need to debate further more. Just some remarks from my site: nor did I say you can't make the same pictures with each camera neither did I talk about image quality in general in my posts. Most of the improvements (especially with the X-Pro2!!!) are ergonomically and yes, I think those improvements (for the X-Pro2 e.g. the excellent and extremely useful joystick, the speed, the EVF, the AF, the button layout and many other things) are highly appreciated and very important for me and my work as well as for the jo
  14. Ok, in that respect I clearly have to contradict. ;-) I don't think the improvements are "negligible". In the case of the X-T2 they are huge imho, in the case of the X-Pro2 the improvements are nothing else than spectacular. Those improvements have been the reason for me to switch to the system... nonetheless, the grid pattern are annoying though.
  15. Maybe yes... on the other hand I would like to emphasize that at least under my personal photographic "real life conditions" (with pictures like in my Instagram account) I've recognized the grid pattern in one picture in six month of use. And not as bad as in the shown examples of course. Furthermore the problem is dependent on the lens to a certain extent. The XF56 is significantly worse in this aspect than the XF35F2 or the XF16 e.g... All in all no really big deal for me untill now. But if someone is specialized in portraiture under real harsh backlight conditions at the beach... puh, then
  16. Hi, unfortunately you will have to live with this issue or you have to sell for camera ;-) By that time it's a well known and described phenomenon of the sensor (X-T2 and X-Pro2) and the only chance to avoid it is to be careful and change the camera position a little bit when you see it in the EVF. You will find much more about it here: http://www.mirrorlessons.com/2016/07/25/fujifilm-x-pro2-grid-artefacts/ And yes, you can find some problems with purple flare with other systems as well (remember Olympus OM-D with the Panasonic 7-14), but I've never seen such grid pattern
  17. I can't confirm that at all. I would rather say it seems to be faster and snappier... even under the darkest conditions.
  18. For me the best way is to use the left hand to create a shadow... no kiding here. I have done this with every camera I've ever owned and always found it worked better than any larger eyecup.
  19. Ah, OK. I've tested it... mine has a tight fit as well, but it's not difficult to remove.
  20. I've got mine yesterday and can confirm that it is both very well made (even the folding mechnism) and really usefull ergonomically...
  21. Yesterday Fuji officially confirmed that the flickering is caused by the aperture, but did not call it a malfunction. According to what they said it is a normal and wanted behavior of this camera. Ok, good to know, but I'm still convinced that it is not a neccesary behavior and could be changed by Fuji, as other cameras do it in a better way, even other Fuji cameras. We will see... and yes, it's not a deal breaker, but would definitely be better otherwise...
  22. I have to correct myself... it also happens in darker conditions. The only thing you have to do is to set the lens to a smaller aperture. Then the camera closes the aperture during focussing and opens it after releasing the shutter button. The same phenomenon comes up then every time... only reversed.
  23. I'm pretty sure now that it is related to the closing aperture... you never see it in poor light conditions when the aperture stays open. For some reason the electronic seems to have a problem 'smoothing' the steps of closing aperture in the EVF and LCD. I'm pretty sure as well that Fuji can fix that...
  24. I don't think the battery is the problem. Did you try it while pointing the camara to bright light, let's say outside? In darker conditions the flickering diasappears (maybe becauce the aperture does not close).
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