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  1. Like Wdahab, I also opted to pick up an X100F when it was available to me. I was fully aware, as an early adopter, that there could be issues. And as I perceive issues, I report them on sites like this. My reasoning is twofold: -others can tell me that my camera is either acting differently than othe X100Fs, in which case I may return mine as defective, or that theirs acts the same. -or it maybe a common issue and posting provides this information to new buyers who haven't made the leap yet, and perhaps to fujifilm so they can also be aware and make firmware changes if possible.
  2. I didn't have much time to play around last night, but I agree: it didn't happen when it was in manual focus mode (although I don't see why not, since I hadn't changed anything to do with aperture). It also seemed to snap back after I snapped a picture. And it makes the EVF/LCD flicker while it reverts. It was this flicker and the sound that alerted me to a problem. The sound had me thinking I was in continuous autofocus, but I wasn't and watching the lens showed it was the aperture making the sound. One opinion I received suggested that the difference in behaviour between the my F and my S is as follows: X100F lets you half-focus, fully depress to take the picture, and then go back to half-focus without losing focus. X100T/S does not allow you to do this so the aperture can quickly close right after releasing the shutter.
  3. Here's a link to a short video showing the motions the aperture uses https://flic.kr/p/Spo5mP
  4. I picked up an x100f today and just finished charging the battery. Turned the camera on and heard the typical movements as I half pressed the shutter. The lens focussing, the aperture moving. When I lifted my finger off the shutter, the aperture didn't snap wide open the way it does on my x100s. Instead, it opens in 6 or so progressive stages, making a rat-a-tat-tat-tat sound. It finds its place fine when half- pressed. It's just when i stop "half-pressing" that the aperture stutters back to its open position. Anyone else have this?
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