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  1. Same here in Norway. Some resellers got a few copies in the beginning of May, but those went out faster than you can spell F-u-j-i-f-i-l-m. And now, no one will confirm any delivery date... ;-D Hans
  2. What in hell happened with LR CC? Updated to the 2015.7 version and suddenly importing pictures goes at least 4 times faster! Rendering goes much faster too. And, as bonus, the accuracy in fine detail is improved. Anyone with the same findings? ;-D Hans
  3. Just got mine delivered - or according to UPS it has been hidden in my porch. I believe I will leave work quite early today ... Ordered from Amazon.de Wednesday night. They have still four in stock when this is written: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B01KZ4XBA6/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ;-D Hans
  4. The 2.5mm port is an input to the camera that can be used to trigger the camera (or to connect an external mic), not an output from the camera that can trigger an external flash. Use the dedicated PC trigger port or an adapter in the hot-shoe. ;-D Hans
  5. Still the case here. Haven't done any test with other lenses yet, but I will. This is also an interesting thread: http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/4157-af-speed-with-ovf-significantly-slower-than-evf-x-pro2-fw200/
  6. Ok. Hope they're able to sort this out. My XP2 has worked flawlessly since the update. No problem at all.
  7. Maybe, but for me it seems like the old firmware managed to find focus in - say - half of my attempts in dimly lit conditions. Now it's significantly slower and won't lock in more than 1 out of 10 tries. I'll do some more tests today.
  8. Upgraded my X-Pro2 yesterday and since the XF35/2 was mounted, I did a few test-exposures of the carpet on the floor in my rather dimly lit office. (Not the most interesting subject though). The first I noticed was that the lens rather slowly attempted to find focus by moving to closest focus, then infinite and then back again to close before giving up. It used about 1.5 sec to not to find focus. Putting on a bit more light made it focus correctly in no time. Really snappy, and snappier than before. This is new behaviour. Before, it snapped into focus or gave up in less than 0.5 second under the same dim light. For me it seems like the new algorithm needs more light in order to find focus. Anyone else that have experienced the same? The AF-mode is single point (central, as small as possible), single shot. ;-D Hans
  9. Happened once during my fw upgrade yesterday. I upgraded the fw to 2.00 first, then in the process of upgrading the XF35/1.4 this happened. Turned the camera off, then on, did a couple of exposures which worked fine, then turned it off again. Holding in DISP/BACK when turning it on again showed the expected fw upgrade screen. Hope it works for you.
  10. Does anyone know whether the older cameras, as X-Pro2, X-T1 etc will gain anything from using the new NP-W126S?
  11. I got one, and have only one complaint and that is it fits too tight in the flash socket. Actually, it's quite hard to remove it. The one they make for X-Pro1 does also have a tight fit, but is rather easily removed for flash photography.
  12. Your issue #1 is normal behaviour of the camera if you shoot long exposures with the "long exposure mode" on as the camera locks up during its dark-frame exposure before writing to the card. With a 10s exposure, the dark frame exposure will be 10s too, and if you don't know this, it seems like the camera has locked up. Black frames: No comments. Wobbly shutter button: Mine is too, at least much more wobbly than the shutter on the X-Pro1. A bit annoying. And while we're at it. The dioptric adjustment button is wobbly/loose too and the adjustment is often knocked off when I just grab the camera. This button is a design error - What I really is replaceable dioptric lenses as on the X-Pro1! Slower AF: I run my camera in "Normal mode", not "Hi perf" and I would say that it is on par with as I remember my X-T1 in most situations. I often use my X-Pro1 in combination with the X-Pro2 to avoid switching lenses in dusty conditions (doing some urbex photography) and yes, the X-Pro1 is sluggish in comparison to the X-Pro2. Heating issue: Happened once while the camera was just a few hours old in my hands. The camera felt warm, so I turned it off and. It had lost all settings when I turned it on again. Fuji said that this is related to that the internal back-up battery has not reached nominal charge yet and advised to leave the camera off with a fully charged battery inserted for some hours to allow the back-up battery to charge. Since then the camera has worked flawlessly, EVF color cast: I never noticed the blue cast until reading your post, but then I have assigned the "preview effect on/off" to the movie record button and is usually using the camera with this setting off. Also, if I don't remember wrong, the color balance of both the EVF and the LCD can be adjusted via the menus. I don't have the camera in front of me so I cannot verify this just now. ;-D Hans
  13. Mine is also a bit wobbly and falls out of adjustment fairly easy when I grab the camera from the camera bag. The camera is one of the first arriving in Norway early March, so it's probably from one of the first production series. I like the replaceable diopter lens on the X-Pro1 much better. My eyesight doesn't change that often...
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