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  1. Good to see you back in action ! Thanks for sharing.
  2. Free parking (if you can drive up a steep snow covered slope to ~ 3.300m above sea level).
  3. "The resulting pattern on the snow is known as corduroy, and is widely regarded as a good surface on which to ski or ride." Wikipedia: Snow Grooming. This one is from Slovakia, 2013, Canon.
  4. Thanks ! After they prepare the ski slope by the ratracs, that is what it looks like before the skiers ski on it.
  5. Sorry, I do have the Magmod but no "speedlight" type Godox flash at hand at the moment, so I can't help. But tapping it w/o the magnets seems not to cause it to fire, so I would not consider this a warranty case.
  6. I understand your concern about the "thumping". I transport my 90 in vertical orientation to avoid that.
  7. You already know the grand scheme of things: an obscenely beautiful landscape, gorgeous weather and a clueless lucky tourist hastily snapping away quick shots on a family holiday. But I will post a few more, I reckon it would be wrong not to share the incredible beauty of these mountains. The Sella Towers.
  8. Good one. Btw, is moss edible ? My son called me a goat today. (When I caught him, he said cool down Dad, that means "Greatest of All Things":).
  9. It seems to me, when Enzio takes a walk, all manner of creatures stop whatever they are doing and pose for him. Hey Enzio, was this commissioned by National Geography ? You are incredible.
  10. Are you teaching me English again, Merlin ? I lichens it 🙂. And I am glad you didn’t leave out the “the” 😀 . You are very kind as usual, but it was a day with glorious weather in a beautiful location, so I was more lucky than anything else. Thanks a lot, cheers !
  11. It does not sound stupid to me, I think something like that can happen to anyone. I am sorry for your bad luck, but I find it difficult to suggest anything, without having it in my hands. I think you should send it to Fuji for repair. There can be some damage inside, too, that is not apparent now, but can cause further damage later on. Good luck.
  12. Well, I just pressed a button on an amazing little camera 🙂 and I was lucky to be in the most photographed mountains in Europe (which they obviously are for good reason). Thanks, Merlin. It is great to see your shots from New Mexico. I will most probably never get to go there to see it for myself.
  13. Thanks for sharing, Jerry. Beautiful pictures ! 🍷🍷
  14. Upper right corner: Marmolada (3343m)
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