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  1. You are welcome. It is not HSS specific, really. This is an important difference between mirrorless and DSLR - you can see the exposure (and WB and film emulation) before the shot, depending on your settings. If is too dark (the exposure will be altered by a flash or you do a long exposure), you can switch "Preview Exposure" off to be able to compose. I use it often so I mapped it to a button as I said above so I do not have to go into the menu to switch it. The paragraph in the manual is rather brief. NB there are three settings that are cycled if you map them to a button: Preview Exposure and White Balance - Preview White Balance only - Off (Preview neither Exposure nor WB).
  2. Page 217. I seldom use AE-L so I mapped it to that button.
  3. Poor old lichens got some mighty competition here.
  4. Your patience and meticulous dedication to detail is remarkable, sir.
  5. George_P

    New to Fuji

    Welcome and congrats to your mighty new kit. I am looking forward to see some of your safari shots (and others), I hope you will share some with us here on the forum.
  6. X-T10,18-55 Haus des Meeres, Vienna. Had to tell him a few jokes before he finally laughed a little.
  7. Please do, they are doing a great job. For summer I have got a few, for next winter I hope I will get some new ones. Cheers !
  8. The last one is beautiful, jerryy.
  9. The last one, from Slovakia.
  10. jerryy started pulling my leg and sneaking pictures of old mattresses into this thread. I´d say it´s time to call it quits, what say you. It is springtime in the meantime. Good bye, winter !
  11. That is one wicked good picture.
  12. Yeah, not fair, is it. Merlin is so greedy, grabs all that sunshine for himself. But mdm tell me what phase are you in right now. I remember some time ago you said that you sometimes have too much of green 😀. If you are in a green-OK phase now, I have a lots-of-green batch that I want to start extra for you after we are done with the winter theme here, which I presume will be soon. But I am away for a week so you guys have to keep it alive till I come back.
  13. So, where shall we go next ? How about this:
  14. Thanks, you’re very kind. These are from the recent trip with X-T2 / 18-55. The same shoot-and-run scenario as before 😀. I had a polariser and I wonder if the skies turned out a bit too dark. We have sunshine here, this week Merlin did not steal all of it for himself, but -2 deg. Celsius in the morning, so we are still good to go with winter themes, aren’t we. I like your adventurous edits from March 10, the trees on white and the deep blue water.
  15. https://livejapan.com/en/article-a0002432/ 4 shops in Tokyo that sell quality used cameras. Good luck !
  16. Good to see you back in action ! Thanks for sharing.
  17. Free parking (if you can drive up a steep snow covered slope to ~ 3.300m above sea level).
  18. "The resulting pattern on the snow is known as corduroy, and is widely regarded as a good surface on which to ski or ride." Wikipedia: Snow Grooming. This one is from Slovakia, 2013, Canon.
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