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  1. Hey, cheer up my friend. I was just joking, I did not want to bring you down. Don’t worry, some other new camera will come that you will like. Maybe sooner than you think, time flies by too fast anyway. I am still happy with my X-T2. But I know you don’t like the DSLR style and you’re waiting for something to replace your X-E2S, am I right ?
  2. Says the guy who added added REL T-Zero to his Rega to listen to Audiolab M-DAC+ ....🤨
  3. Hi Louise, Jerry, mdm, I am late to the party but: You have to divide the transfer speed of your Wi-Fi standard by the number on your ocular. 🍷
  4. I do not have that camera but if the sound is coming from the lens, it could be normal.
  5. I hope you will get some nice Fuji lens eventually. You can see in my footer what I have, I put it there so that others know what items I might be able to give some advice about. I had Canon before but I really love Fuji. George
  6. So do I. So you will be using the X-T30 for science ? Aahhh, I was looking forward to some Scottish landscapes. 🙂
  7. You solved it all by yourself, the two of us were no help really. Great ! I am glad it works. My son is studying what I would call "genetics" to keep it simple at Edinburgh. I did radioelectronics/telecommunications, I graduated 1986, but I switched to computers early on. That means you can't be old ! All the best, cheers. George
  8. Yes that is right, Glasgow Uni, but not the Barony Hall, it is in the Gilbert Scott Building I think. Good luck with the file transfers ! Let us know how you fared, please.
  9. I've been no help but to make good I have another one from Scotland for you. I wonder if you know where this is.
  10. Louise, "little old lady" you say ? With MAC filtering on her network ? You're dangerous. I use it on my Ubiquity APs and Mikrotik Routers, but it did not occur to me to consider that. Jerry may be right, a firewall setting on your PC could be blocking the connection of the PC_Autosave. Could be in a security/antivirus sw that you have or in the Windows OS. Maybe a message popped up to ask for permission that you missed. I suspect you know this without me telling you and you will know how to add a rule. I agree with Jerry on the WPS thing, I never use it.
  11. Jerry, do I remember correctly that you have an X-T30 ? Recreation is an impossibility indeed from now on, you have a job on hand. Click here for starters: 🔊🔊🔊
  12. When you have some, let us start an official Scotland thread ! With my X-T2 and X-T10, transferring to IOS devices worked well, but I have no experience with PC Autosave. If I had the same camera as you, I would try it out but with different cameras there is no point I think. Do you get an error message, what does it say ?
  13. ...post war - must have been an interesting story. Reset to factory settings cannot do any harm, go for it. Looking forward to you fixing this and posting some images from beautiful Scotland (you can´t rely on me doing your job here !)
  14. The whole world is one small village. When did he leave CZ ? Anyway, I am reading this: 4. Appendices | Application Software PC AutoSave | FUJIFILM Corporation (fujifilm-dsc.com) and this: 4. Appendices | Application Software PC AutoSave | FUJIFILM Corporation (fujifilm-dsc.com) Have a look if it helps. To discharge the internal backup battery, you would have to leave the accu out of the camera for a long time, there has to be a better way.
  15. Dear Louise, Welcome to the forum ! I am sorry to hear about your troubles. I don´t have that camera, I haven´t used the recent versions of the app and I haven´t used the PC Autosave programme, so I am not in a good position really to give you any advice. But before somebody else can be more specific and before you get feeling lonely and abandoned here, I would like to at least point you to the following links in case you missed them, maybe they will help. Maybe you would be better off using Bluetooth for the app as opposed to WiFi. See here (choose IOS or Android via the two buttons at the top of the page and pls note that point Nr. 4 is about the camera menu, the others are about the app). Connecting to the Camera (Bluetooth) (fujifilm-dsc.com) Via WiFi: (the same re. Nr. 4) Connecting to the Camera (Models That Do Not Support Bluetooth) (fujifilm-dsc.com) X-T30 Manual Web Version - Wireless Connections Wireless Connections (Bluetooth<sup>®</sup>, Wireless LAN/Wi-Fi) (fujifilm-dsc.com) PC Autosave explanation: 3. Saving Photos and Movies to the Computer | Application Software PC AutoSave | FUJIFILM Corporation (fujifilm-dsc.com) Generally advisable: update firmware on the camera and use the newest version of the app, which you probably do, just saying. In case you decide that you need to upgrade the camera, do it exactly according to the instructions. If you can´t find them, let me know. For transferring pictures from the camera to the computer, I would say the best thing to do is to use a card reader, that is the fastest and most reliable way of doing it. Maybe you missed something and the above instructions will help. If not, let us know and surely we will be able to help you further. Nice greetings to Scotland, stay safe ! George
  16. mdm is right. It is written in the release notes, so “we do not give out this kind of information” must be some misunderstanding. You can download and try out for yourself before you jump to a conclusion. C1 is very good with Fuji files.
  17. Welcome, greetings from Slovakia. Beautiful pics on your flickr ! Slovenia is a beautiful country. I climbed Vrsic by bike a few years ago, would love to do Log pod Mandartom sometimes. Bled is beautiful, the valley of Radovna... Post some more !
  18. ‘nuff talking. Download C1 and try it ! 🙂
  19. C1 is the best choice, most people would agree I think. This has been discussed a thousand times already. They have good tutorials. Try it, it is worth it. Later on you can switch to C1 Pro and never look back.
  20. https://www.captureone.com/en/products-plans/capture-one-express/fujifilm Cheers.
  21. Godox +1 Godox XProx-F, AD200, V860IIF. The Li-Ion Accus are great, really worth it. Night and day difference to the 1.5V AA batteries (or 1.2V NiMh accus).
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