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  2. My Shadow

    Introduce Yourself

    Hello all! I am a new FujiFilm user. I have been shooting with a Canon for about 10 years, and wanted a travel camera that was more than a point and shoot. After a ton of research, I landed on the X100V. I LOVE THIS CAMERA! Take it everywhere I go and it's a great alternative to lugging around my mirrorless with a giant 70-200mm lens on it. Happy to be here! Christopher "My Shadow"
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  3. cpX

    Fuji Birds

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  4. No, it doesn't work if you have pulled the ring to manual. The 14mm is a sharp lens by the way. You won't be disappointed.
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  5. This is most likely one of the known issues with the X-Pro2. I've had this on one of my two X-Pro2 copies and I've also heard this from others. The issue is the on/off switch. Though Fuji claims the camera is weather resistant, the sealing of the shutter button and it's collar isn't great and moisture can affect the contacts of the on/off button. Another similar weak point is the WR sealing of the back rear dial that can affect the push function of that rear dial. If it gets worse, you can have it serviced.
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