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Lam Dinh Thanh

FW for Fringer EF-FX Standar

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Hi everyone

I'm a newbie and i'm using Fuji xh1 and Tamron 28-75f2.8 mark 1 with Fringer EF-FX Gen 1 Standar version. When I buy it, it's use FW 2.6s and my lens AF ok ang hunt sometime. Then i upgrade it to newest FW 3.10s and the lens is very diffucult to focus, it's hunt a lot. I contact with Fringer for more older FW to test the adapter  and he sent me a FW 2.6 and said that There shouldn't be any different. I very thankful but i want try some more, so anyone who use this adapter and storing old FW of this adapter, please share it to me. I'm very very thankful.

Thanks all very much and best regard

P/s : Sory about my English , thanks all


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