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70-300 versus 100-400

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I'm currently using the 70-300 plus the Fuji 1.4x teleconverter for nature photography. I can usually get the final results I want by upscaling and cropping the image. I would like to have more focal length up front. So I started looking at the  Fujifilm 100-400, then the Sigma 100-400. After comparing the two, the Sigma won except for one thing- my fuji teleconverter is not compatible and according to Sigma support they have no plans for creating an xMount teleconverter- which is a deal breaker for me because there are times I will want more magnification that the 100-400 lens alone can offer. I mean, if I'm going to spend $800 on a lens I want to be able to realize its full potential.

I'm wondering if other Fujifilm X camera owners have been in a similar conundrum. If so what would you recommend? Stick with the 70-300 + teleconverter? Look at 3rd party manual lenses? a used DSLR lens?

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Have you considered the many 150mm - 600mm options?

Fujifilm offers one that does work with both the 1.4x and 2x tc.

If you want one that has brighter f-stops, then Tamron and Sigma offer them in various mounts. You can pair them with oh, say a Fringer smart adapter (or one of Fringer’s competitor’s smart adapters) and get aperture dial control as well as having correct EXIF stored in the images. There are plenty of reports these adapters work with teleconverters, I suppose you can write the adapter’s manufacturer and ask if it matters if you use camera -> xf tc -> adapter -> lens or camera -> adapter -> native lens tc -> lens.

Depending on the budget, you may be able to find a setup in the new or used market you like.

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Agree with Jerryy..........I use the 70-300 A LOT and love it.  I have the 1.4 TC and I rarely use it, I find the lack of light to be limiting.  I recently bought the 150-600 Fuji lens and it is wonderful, super reach and super sharp.  A bit heavy to carry around so I still carry the 70-300 most of the time.  When I do take the 150-600 with me, I've been amazed with the results.

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