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X-Pro2 optical viewfinder (EFR - electronic range finder) - Issue?

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When I want to focus in manual mode I tend to use the optical viewfinder switching on the EFR (...the so called by Fuji "Electronic Range Finder"), that's that part/zone of the screen placed in the bottom right corner of the viewfinder...



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Optical Viewfinder (Fuji site)




...there's a n "issue", at least for my eye(s)... if the eye pointed to the viewfinder is not perpendicular to the viewfinder then the EFR is somewhat "translucent" and appears more little than the digital image shown on it... so it's really difficult, especially in some conditions, to see the digital image 'cos it's clearly visible the background optical image framed.



I don't know if it's an issue of the camera and if someone else experienced this... I owned an X100S that had/has the same feature but I don't remind this difficult to see the little digital image of the EFR (...I owned a X-T1 too but I think to remind that this one have the smaller portion of the digital AF image out of the frame).





P.S.: Hoping I was able to explain what I mean 'cos english isn't my first language.

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Two things come to mind for your issue. One of which may be the eye relief adjustment knob to the left of the viewfinder. Or perhaps it's a little underexposed, a known characteristic of the Xtrans III sensor. Does the image become clearer with different exposure adjustments?

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