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  1. Hi everyone, At first I found it an interesting thought to transfer images from the camera to the pc (Mac) using the camera's built-in Wi-Fi. No hassle removing memory cards, no cables, just through the air. However when I tried doing so, I could hardly believe how slow it actually was. I can't immediately tell you what the transfer rate was, but I had to wait minutes for just a hand full of images to transfer from the camera to the pc. I thought Wi-Fi was a lot more powerfull these days, but this seems quite useless to me. Even establishing the connection between the camera and the pc seems like an attempt to break into the Pentagon. It all seems so daaaaamn sloooooow. So the question is this: is the X-Pro2's built-in Wi-Fi only good for geo tagging with a smart phone, or do any of you actually use it for picture transfer to a pc as well?
  2. The streets were jumpin' this week. More here.
  3. When I want to focus in manual mode I tend to use the optical viewfinder switching on the EFR (...the so called by Fuji "Electronic Range Finder"), that's that part/zone of the screen placed in the bottom right corner of the viewfinder... Optical Viewfinder (Fuji site) ...there's a n "issue", at least for my eye(s)... if the eye pointed to the viewfinder is not perpendicular to the viewfinder then the EFR is somewhat "translucent" and appears more little than the digital image shown on it... so it's really difficult, especially in some conditions, to see the digital image 'cos it's clearly visible the background optical image framed. I don't know if it's an issue of the camera and if someone else experienced this... I owned an X100S that had/has the same feature but I don't remind this difficult to see the little digital image of the EFR (...I owned a X-T1 too but I think to remind that this one have the smaller portion of the digital AF image out of the frame). P.S.: Hoping I was able to explain what I mean 'cos english isn't my first language.
  4. I tried the X-Pro2 w/ a Nikkor P.C 8.5 cm F/2... Nikkor P.C 8.5cm F/2 (Nikon resources) Nikkor P.C 8.5cm F/2 (Nikkor Story - The Thousand and One Nights) ...which is all metal and manual focus... tried shooting using focus peaking (...high red color)... the adapter used is a Novoflex (...the other one, theFuji M-mount adapter is mounted w/ a 28mm Leica)... easy to focus and the photos (...three JPGs) are not so much soft... for portraits maybe could be useful even if what'smissing is a little of contrast but I guess that shooting RAW could improve that. Attached are the images of the setup (...the quality are not good 'cos shooted w/ a P&S camera!).
  5. Hi all, hope you don't mind me asking a few X-Pro2 settings questions. 1) Now that waxy skin tones are a thing of the past is it still necessary to set noise reduction to a minus value? 2) I've been trying my hand at shooting video with the camera, however I have noticed that shooting anything under 60fps (for example: 1080/25P SS50) is recording ever so slightly jumpy movement when panning (even when secured on a tripod using a dedicated panning head). Is this just a limitation of the camera or am I doing something wrong? Be grateful for any feedback on either (or both) of the above. Many thanks.
  6. Good news for the X-Pro2 / X-T2 ? EPSON Press Release Most likely the one that is currently used in the Leica SL. * The X-T1 currently uses a 1024 x 768 pixel display, (times 3 for RGB) equals 2.36M dots.
  7. That's crazy, I know. But imagine Fuji release the X-Pro2 with an EVF only, no OVF. Would you buy it ? If so, what would in your opinion make the EVF-only X-Pro2 a "pro" camera, in particular compared to an X-T2 or an X-E3 ? Else, would you buy an X-Pro2 with the same viewfinder as the X-Pro1 or do you think an improved OVF is compulsory ? How should it be improved ? As we know, the current X-Pro1 viewfinder has some limitations (which can be part of its appeal). For example it doesn't cover the whole range of Fuji lenses. It is obstructed by many recently released bigger lenses. It has no continuous zoom mechanism. It doesn't have the highest magnification. So let's consider these possible solutions : either Fuji completely drops the OVF, or they keep it as it is, or they improve it. How would you feel if they chose each of these options ? A reminder of the latest rumors : http://www.fujirumors.com/x-pro2-magnum-photos-confirms-15-janaury-announcement-1250-flash-sync-speed-more-specs-leaking-as/
  8. Hello All We have plenty of rumours flying around re the X-T2, X-Pro2 X-E3 (2s) but what about the occosionaly mentioned Monochrome only body? I for one, and I'm sure many others are waiting to hear & then rush out & buy this! Cheers....
  9. I've got to say that whilst I like the new sensor in the X-Pro2, that's about all I really like about it. Now, I may change my mind but I think I'd prefer an X-T2. What features do you think the X-T2 should have, apart from the new 24mp sensor? My personal favourites would be for IBIS (yes, I know I keep banging on about this!), twin SD card slots and a lockable dioptre change knob (I keep catching this when putting my X-T1 in and out of me bag). I wouldn't mind if it came with the battery grip made into an integral part of the design (similar to Canon and Nikon Pro cameras). I'd be happy to road test it on some of my future jobs if Fuji are listening! So what features do you people think should be on an X-T2?
  10. Marmolada at sunset by Bruno, on Flickr Marmolada at sunset by Bruno, on Flickr Fedaia Lake by Bruno, on Flickr Tiersenhütte by Bruno, on Flickr Morning mist by Bruno, on Flickr
  11. Hi All, I think some of you will be interested in my X-Pro Tour. It's from my perspective as a full time pro using the X-Pro system on location. I have photos with the stories and technical details behind them as well as my thoughts and perspectives from daily use of the X-Pro2. It's all on my blog at XProTour.com but here is a breakdown of individual posts so you can choose those that might interest you: X-Pro Tour Part 1 London, France X-Pro Tour Part 2 Villages of France X-Pro Tour Part 3 Best Days in France X-Pro 2: A Love-Hate Relationship Comments and feedback welcome! Enjoy, Joel
  12. Hello there, I got my X-Pro2 just yesterday - and I already do love this camera! I sold all my Nikon DSLR equipment (D600, 4 lenses, flash etc.) and bought this wonderful piece. I already bought the X70 like one month ago - I immediately fell in love with Fujifilm! So I went on my first photowalk yesterday... And, I can't believe, I've already managed to lose the sync cover (on the left side next to the diopter adjustment). Does a missing sync cover affect the X-Pro2's WR sealing? Is it possible that water may leak I to the camera? I mean, this cheap, little, tiny, easy-to-lose thing can't affect a top camera's WR sealing? In this video you can clearly see at 1:23 that Gianluca Colla's X-Pro2 is not fitted with the cover: Thanks for your help! Best regards, Manfred
  13. I pre-ordered an X-Pro2 from Amazon and now have about 1,000 images or so under my belt. This last weekend I attended the Alabama High School Rodeo for a few hours and decided to try the X-Pro2 shooting action. What I had not counted on was the total crap (low, low) light. The rodeo was held in the indoor arena in Montgomery. It is decades old with horrible lighting. I shot at 8,000 - 12,800 ISO for the entire time, inside. The light was so dim I had to use my 60mm f2.4 Fujinon lens, wide open and could go no higher than 1/800th sec shutter speed. This was not ideal. I needed at least 1/1000th sec to stop the action but you do what you can. Even with this exposure I am guessing I was about a full f-stop under what I needed. I was totally blown away at how well the X-Pro2 performed. I shot in Acros G and Classic Chrome simulations and shot only Jpeg. My settings were -4NR, 0 HTone, -2 STone, +2 Color (CC) & +1 Sharpening. I was in continuous focus, zone focus mode. Take a look at my Blog Post for my impressions of the X-Pro2. For much larger versions of the sample images check out my Flickr Page.
  14. I bought an X-Pro2 with the new compact 35mm f/2 WR lens and am really happy with it. The combination is great for using the OVF, which for me is a big deal with this camera. I take mainly landscape pictures so the logical lens to get next is the 16mm f/1.4. But how does this work with the OVF? Has anyone tried this lens on the X-Pro2? How much does it block the view using the OVF? And are the framelines reasonably accurate?
  15. Hey, Folks- Just jumped the Nikon FF ship and onto the mirrorless format with Fuji. I enjoy shooting street, and low light shooting. So, far I'm enjoying familiarizing myself with this camera. I love it, but unfortunately I did join this list, after seeing that I'm not the only X-Pro2 user who's having My Menu resets. It's concerning to think that the memory in this camera is so sensitive as to be affected by a battery that is not fully charged. I hope this is something a SW update will resolve. //A
  16. I was able to borrow the X-Pro2 for a day and overall impressions very positive. However there was one thing in particular that left me rather confused and it's the following. I did a number of tests at high ISO, generally ISO6400 in contrasty low light scenes such as a church, trying to chose an exposure which would be able to recover highlights such as stained glass but also bring out the shadows using LR6.4. I found that the amount of highlight recovery to my surprise varied depending on the DR camera setting and in general was noticeably less than an identically exposed X-E1 shot. DR100 and DR200 or AUTO (which defaulted to 100 or 200) to recovered fewer details than DR400. This would be expected in JPEG but I thought not in RAW? My X-E1 performed similarly in highlight recovery irrespective of the camera DR setting. The question is really - and one which I'm sure Rico in particular will probably be able to help with: does the Pro2 adjust its DR processing according to the in-camera setting. If that is the case, does a) the X-E1 either ignore it -unlikely it would seem as even with the X-E1 there are some difference in lighting-- or is lightroom buggy in highlight processing in some way? As regards the latter, it does look like Silkypix RFC works to some extent the same way though as this software is poor in HDR functionality, it is hard to draw definitive conclusions so we need to wait for other apps to add RAW support. c) some other explanation. Is it possible that using compressed RAW's causes the seeming compression of the highlight range? Regrettably, I forgot to test with uncompressed before returning the camera but I think it could be an important issue for those who do a lot of low light shooting. Perhaps someone else has already tested the difference or could do so? I should state that shadows are very noticeably cleaner with the Pro2 at high ISO and overall, the sensor seems to have made significant strides forward. David
  17. With both "AE & AF ON/Off SWITCH" and "Interlock Spot AE & Focus Area" selected, the exposure reading I do using spot meter gets locked when I press AE-L, as expected. My problem is that the locked AE clears out when I review the picture I just took, requiring to start the reading and AE lock all over again... This capability to have AE Lock persists until the AE-L button is depressed again or until the camera enters sleep mode is precious in situations like photographing stage shows where the lighting will often change and be challenging sometimes (i.e. strongly backlight subjects)... That's something that could perhaps be addressed by firmware? Michel Jarry
  18. Does anyone know of a screen protector sized properly for the X-Pro2? I pre-ordered and would like to have screen protection when it arrives. I saw a few on Amazon with no ratings. They are brands I'm not familiar with, so I don't trust them. I have one made by Expert Shield on my X100S that is great. Alternatively, do any of the other Fuji cameras with 3" screens have the same dimensions as the X-Pro2 screen? That would let us use the same screen protector. I already checked that the X-Pro1 screen dimensions are different from the X-Pro2. Even though they both have 3" diagonals, the X-Pro2 has a slightly wider aspect ratio. I did this unscientifically. Just found an image of the X-Pro1 and X-Pro2 side by side and dragged a rectangle across the screen perimeters for comparison. The X-T1 also has a 3" screen, but it's designed differently due to the tilting action. I wonder if they have the same dimensions. Also checked the specifications in the manuals, but they only provide the diagonal dimension. No data on height and width. I know it's early but perhaps someone has information on this. I'm sure you folks who pre-ordered an X-Pro2 will want this soon. They started shipping! -Vincent
  19. For everyone who did not like the the waxy skin in high ISO SOOC jpegs of the X-Trans II cameras, there's good news: It's gone in the X-Trans III. If you like to check for yourself, I added two X-Pro2 shots to the comparison I once did between the X-E2 and X-E1: https://www.flickr.com/gp/flesix/xK059p
  20. An worse problem is, that i lost 2 times my configuration settings (RAW / Quality / Compression, Release Priority Settings, even Function Button Layout !!) Otherwise, this is an awesome monster camara. AF is on an incredible level.
  21. I have successfully used my Metz flashes for Canon on my X-T1 in manual mode. After purchasing an X-Pro2 this action seems to cause a malfunction in the camera. A few seconds after the flash is turned on, I get "Camera has reached its maximum tempereature" warning. I'm able to use my Hähnel remote set for firing the flash. I have downloaded the latest software (3.11) for the camera. Anyone that have experienced the same as me?
  22. Hey All, ON1 just released a major update to Photo Raw 2017 which includes lots of useful features for Fuji X users. Here is my review with a special emphasis on Fuji including the new lens corrections and improved X-Trans processing and other good stuff for us Fujifilm users. Let me know if you read it and what you think. I'm talking with them soon to provide feedback and they have a track record of listening so lemme know! Joel
  23. Hi All, I'm pretty new to this forum (my second post.) I just updated my review Fuji X-Pro2, A Love-Hate Relationship. Some of my previous beefs with Lightroom have been fixed, hence my update to workflow and other sections. I also just posted Capturing Nature and The XPro2. My ongoing articles are from my perspective as a full time pro using the Fuji X professional system on a daily basis. They include some nice photos with the stories and technical details behind them. I would love to get feedback from y'all. Let me know if you find the Fuji articles in my blog useful, enjoyable, whatever... suggestions are welcome. Thanks! Joel
  24. I don't get to use the XF10-24mmF4 a whole lot for work but it's really cool when I get to use it to shoot a bit wider and show off the location rather than the clothes for a few shots
  25. Happy Holidays, I'm Kevin and I'm a newbie to mirrorless cameras. Just picked up an X-Pro2 and the 35mmf/1.4 and trying to get aquatinted with it. I shot Nikon for years... I picked up this camera for an upcoming trip, it seems perfect for travel. Anyhow, I'll probably have a lot of questions, so thanks in advance for any advice that comes my way. Cheers-Kevin
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