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Found 46 results

  1. I’ve purchased 7artisans 50mm F1.8 lens three weeks ago directly from eBay 7artisans store. Here's my short review on this lens: Lens Review – 7artisans 50mm F1.8 (FX Mount)
  2. Hey All, ON1 just released a major update to Photo Raw 2017 which includes lots of useful features for Fuji X users. Here is my review with a special emphasis on Fuji including the new lens corrections and improved X-Trans processing and other good stuff for us Fujifilm users. Let me know if you read it and what you think. I'm talking with them soon to provide feedback and they have a track record of listening so lemme know! Joel
  3. Hello, I just got a FEELWORLD 7" IPS 4K HDMI Full HD 1920x1200 On-Camera Monitor FW760 to use with my Fuji X-Pro2 After trying to make it work and also try to find some info online for more than 2 hours, I’m now starting to become really frustrated by this thing so I do believe it is wiser and the right time to ask online. The external monitor is connected to my camera by a HDMI cable (Normal from the screen to micro on the Fuji X-Pro2 port). When I use the play back function to see my images recorded on the SD card, they are showing on the big external monitor and all controls from the camera seems to work well (zoom in and out, moving to next image,…) but the trouble is when I want to use the external monitor on Live View… Then, blue screen with the HDMI mention on the top right and a permanent “No Signal” message centred on the screen. I’m not interested in making videos but as I was trying to make this screen working, I tried a video and same thing… Showing up on the external screen when playing back but not while recording on live view. As it works very well (awesome colours and very sharp view) on play back mode, I guess the cable connection is good and I must miss some setting(s) to be changed on the camera itself. I checked everything on the camera menus but can’t find what’s wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  4. Hi, before I send my X-Pro2 to Fujifilm, I'd like to ask you if anyone experienced a similar issue. Maybe it's just something wrong with my setting, but I couldn't find anything. When I press half way the shutter-release button it take the shot right away, don't even need to be full pressed. I can't recompose. However, when I use the USB cable remote release, it works properly as it should. Shutter (remote release) half-pressed locks AF, full-pressed takes the shot. Thank you for your answers.
  5. Hello, I just bought two Cactus V6 II transceivers to use with my X-Pro2 and various flashes that I have bought over the years: Nikon SB-800, Sigma EF-530 DG (for Nikon) and Fujifilm EF-42. I also bought a Cactus RF 60 flash unit. With one V6 II mounted on the X-Pro2 and the RF 60 (which does not need a transceiver, since the it is built in) everything works fine. It syncs at 1/250 sec and I can control the power all the way from 1/128 to 1 from the V6 II mounted on the camera. But with the other flashes it does not work. The flash power with the Nikon, Sigma and Fuji flashes stays the same no matter what I set on the V6 II. I have the latest firmware (version 2) on the X-Pro2 and also the latest on the V6 II (1.1.006). The V6 II is supposed to detect the make of the camera it is mounted on. That does work in my case. The V6 II that the flash is mounted on detects the brand of the flash but not the exaxt model. I am not sure if it is supposed to, though. I have read that the order in which you turn on the devices matters. So I turn on the flash first and then the V6 II. I have not tried HSS yet. I want to be able to control the power output of the flashes first before proceeding to the next level. :-) I hope someone has tried something similar to my set-up and maybe has found a solution. Cheers, Geir
  6. Is AF performance different between 77 & 273 AF points? Or is it purely a matter of allowing you more or less selectable AF points but the AF performance is exactly the same either way. You're not going to get any faster, more accurate AF or tracking with more AF points, will you?
  7. The street is a great place for um, street photography. I love going there! But, I also like to see what I can see, where ever I can! I love the human scenes I see at the beach!! Together Ready by Adam Bonn, on Flickr
  8. fxfesev

    Baton Rouge Cleanup

    A couple of pictures from the flood cleanup in Baton Rouge last weekend. X-Pro2, 18-135mm @56mm, f5, 1/150, ISO 500 X-Pro2, 18-135mm @41mm, f4.5, 1/160, ISO 400, Cactus flash off-camera
  9. Hello there, I got my X-Pro2 just yesterday - and I already do love this camera! I sold all my Nikon DSLR equipment (D600, 4 lenses, flash etc.) and bought this wonderful piece. I already bought the X70 like one month ago - I immediately fell in love with Fujifilm! So I went on my first photowalk yesterday... And, I can't believe, I've already managed to lose the sync cover (on the left side next to the diopter adjustment). Does a missing sync cover affect the X-Pro2's WR sealing? Is it possible that water may leak I to the camera? I mean, this cheap, little, tiny, easy-to-lose thing can't affect a top camera's WR sealing? In this video you can clearly see at 1:23 that Gianluca Colla's X-Pro2 is not fitted with the cover: Thanks for your help! Best regards, Manfred
  10. Hi All, I think some of you will be interested in my X-Pro Tour. It's from my perspective as a full time pro using the X-Pro system on location. I have photos with the stories and technical details behind them as well as my thoughts and perspectives from daily use of the X-Pro2. It's all on my blog at XProTour.com but here is a breakdown of individual posts so you can choose those that might interest you: X-Pro Tour Part 1 London, France X-Pro Tour Part 2 Villages of France X-Pro Tour Part 3 Best Days in France X-Pro 2: A Love-Hate Relationship Comments and feedback welcome! Enjoy, Joel
  11. When I want to focus in manual mode I tend to use the optical viewfinder switching on the EFR (...the so called by Fuji "Electronic Range Finder"), that's that part/zone of the screen placed in the bottom right corner of the viewfinder... Optical Viewfinder (Fuji site) ...there's a n "issue", at least for my eye(s)... if the eye pointed to the viewfinder is not perpendicular to the viewfinder then the EFR is somewhat "translucent" and appears more little than the digital image shown on it... so it's really difficult, especially in some conditions, to see the digital image 'cos it's clearly visible the background optical image framed. I don't know if it's an issue of the camera and if someone else experienced this... I owned an X100S that had/has the same feature but I don't remind this difficult to see the little digital image of the EFR (...I owned a X-T1 too but I think to remind that this one have the smaller portion of the digital AF image out of the frame). P.S.: Hoping I was able to explain what I mean 'cos english isn't my first language.
  12. I tried the X-Pro2 w/ a Nikkor P.C 8.5 cm F/2... Nikkor P.C 8.5cm F/2 (Nikon resources) Nikkor P.C 8.5cm F/2 (Nikkor Story - The Thousand and One Nights) ...which is all metal and manual focus... tried shooting using focus peaking (...high red color)... the adapter used is a Novoflex (...the other one, theFuji M-mount adapter is mounted w/ a 28mm Leica)... easy to focus and the photos (...three JPGs) are not so much soft... for portraits maybe could be useful even if what'smissing is a little of contrast but I guess that shooting RAW could improve that. Attached are the images of the setup (...the quality are not good 'cos shooted w/ a P&S camera!).
  13. The night before it snowed down to 1700 meters ... in July ... holy moly Churfirsten by Bruno, on Flickr Churfirsten by Bruno, on Flickr
  14. Marmolada at sunset by Bruno, on Flickr Marmolada at sunset by Bruno, on Flickr Fedaia Lake by Bruno, on Flickr Tiersenhütte by Bruno, on Flickr Morning mist by Bruno, on Flickr
  15. drsnake


    From the album: Color

  16. From the album: Fuji X-Pro2

    The Five Finger Strand in Inishowen Peninsula, Donegal, Ireland

    © Danny Nee

  17. dannynee

    Low Tide

    From the album: Fuji X-Pro2

    Beached fishing boat at Cruit (pronounced Critch) Island, Donegal, Ireland

    © Danny Nee

  18. dannynee

    IMG 00209a

    From the album: Fuji X-Pro2

    St. Mary's Chapel, Lagg, Malin Head, Donegal, Ireland

    © Danny Nee

  19. From the album: Ireland

    © Daniel Stocker

  20. From the album: The Fountain

    © 2016 Brian Surguine

  21. From the album: The Fountain

    © 2016 Brian Surguine

  22. From the album: The Fountain

    © 2016 Brian Surguine

  23. From the album: The Fountain

    © 2016 Brian Surguine

  24. I have successfully used my Metz flashes for Canon on my X-T1 in manual mode. After purchasing an X-Pro2 this action seems to cause a malfunction in the camera. A few seconds after the flash is turned on, I get "Camera has reached its maximum tempereature" warning. I'm able to use my Hähnel remote set for firing the flash. I have downloaded the latest software (3.11) for the camera. Anyone that have experienced the same as me?
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