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Indicator light blinking continuously after image taken


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This problem has been mentioned before, but all the solutions that applied previously, don't work with my camera.

The problem is that I take an image and the indicator lamp on the back of my XT-2 flashes green and orange continuously. It is as though the camera is taking forever to write the image to the memory card.  However, if I switch the camera off, and "OK" the message that pops up, ["Waiting for image transfer, OK stop waiting without recording"  the image is on the card).  I can take about 6 or 7 images then I have to resolve it by turning the camera off and on again.

Action taken

1. Reset the camera several times. No change

2. Changed the memory cards to ones that work (I have an XT-4 so I have tested them in that one)

3. Changed to fresh batteries.

4. Turned off anything that I think could otherwise affect this. (e.g. Long Exposure NR turned off, turned the image display to 0.5 seconds and not continuous)

Has anyone got any new suggestions?

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9 hours ago, guidobartoli80 said:

Hi Chas,

I am having the exact same issue as you with my X-T2 and I am unable to use the camera properly in this state. What contacts were faulty? The ones inside the memory card slot or in some other places?

Thank you very much

The ones inside the memory card slot.

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I've had a very similar problem, same blinking light after taking a still image & unable to view the image/write image to card etc

I've always used it tethered in studio & forgot that I changed a connection setting in the setup menu when I first got the camera, basically Setup > Connection setting > connection mode > & select as needed, switching from Tether Shooting Fixed to Tether shooting Auto, sorted it for me & thankfully no need to return as faulty etc


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