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How to custom my x100f,

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Hi all my first question on this site as I have just bought this x100f, and was wondering if someone can help me how to set it up, seen a few on YouTube but even then don’t seem to get the hang of it,I know it’s a matter of trying and I agree but the menu system is so large, And I’m not a Fujifilm man,Leica as always been my passion and still is, So that image is really what I’m looking for the camera is fantastic small and discrete, So much you can do with it seems like never ending.Just now I’ve not touched it at all, Except for changing the the difference film on it which is nice in b/w,So help would be appreciated thank you.

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Hi, back when I was working with different Fujifilm cameras, I created these cheat sheets to remember the assignment of function buttons, custom profiles and My Menu. I printed these on 10x15cm photo paper and kept them in my bag. Maybe they're of use to you now. I can't find the one I had for the X100F, but this X-Pro2 one comes very close. Some fn-buttons may not be available on the X100F, but other than that, it is similar.

x-pro2 settings.docx

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Thank you sorry for delay, Have been with my Leica for a while but now back too my x100f not really sure how to use it but will learn stay safe and thank you

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