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New X-S10 feels loose inside??

Aimee Lee

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After falling in love with my X100F and out of love with my Canon R, I’m diving more into Fuji (eyes on Medium format next!). I received my X-S10 the other day and have only had time to shoot around the house, but I am so excited already, just with the 18-55 kit lens! 

My question is-has anyone else felt like the entire inside compartment of the camera is loose? When I excitedly unboxed the body, I turned itover and around to admire it, and immediately felt this gentle “clunk” of the insides shifting, However, when I turned the camera on, something engaged and must have tightened, because the looseness disappeared and it felt solid as a rock when turning it over.  Then, when I turned it off, the gentle clunk was felt again when turning or rotating the body.  So the problem is this internal “clunking” when off, but no internal clunking when on....

Do I have a faulty camera body? Or is that something to do with the design/mechanisms? The indoor pics I took look beautiful so no issues there....

I have a busy hospital job so thought I’d reach out here first due to my  limited down time these days.  I could also give Fuji a call when I have a day at home....thanks for any input! 

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Much respect to you Aimee. Please be safe and thank you for what you do.

As for the "clunking" - does the same thing happen when its just the camera body? Or does it only happen when there's a lens attached to it?

With my X-S10, there is no clunking noise whether its body only, nor with either my XC15-45 or XF18-55 f2.8-4 lens attached.

The closest thing I've experienced with any clunking of sorts is with Sigma lenses. The lens would appear to have something moving internally (as if something's loose) but it goes away as soon as the camera is turned on.

Another possibility - the IBIS module. Ideally, there should be no loose components inside regardless of when the camera is on or off.

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Saw a similar issue in the X-T4 thread.

Since the X-S10's smaller IBIS module is based on the X-T4, perhaps this "feature" was carried over.

I'm glad my X-S10 does not behave this way. Though not a defect, personally speaking, it would be somewhat unnerving to have this occur. To this day, I find it mildly annoying that my Sigma 30mm lens does something similar.

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