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  1. Thanks for the replies! The IBIS did cross my mind, and it engaging and disengaging when on/off would make sense. Because once turned on, it feels rock solid. There are no other issues (controls, image quality etc), so I am not worried and look forward to snapping away 🙂.
  2. Hello, After falling in love with my X100F and out of love with my Canon R, I’m diving more into Fuji (eyes on Medium format next!). I received my X-S10 the other day and have only had time to shoot around the house, but I am so excited already, just with the 18-55 kit lens! My question is-has anyone else felt like the entire inside compartment of the camera is loose? When I excitedly unboxed the body, I turned itover and around to admire it, and immediately felt this gentle “clunk” of the insides shifting, However, when I turned the camera on, something engaged and must have tightened, because the looseness disappeared and it felt solid as a rock when turning it over. Then, when I turned it off, the gentle clunk was felt again when turning or rotating the body. So the problem is this internal “clunking” when off, but no internal clunking when on.... Do I have a faulty camera body? Or is that something to do with the design/mechanisms? The indoor pics I took look beautiful so no issues there.... I have a busy hospital job so thought I’d reach out here first due to my limited down time these days. I could also give Fuji a call when I have a day at home....thanks for any input!
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