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  1. Do you send the full res jpegs or the 3mp phone sized ones? I'm realizing I get inconsistent results still with that finding and the only way I can get it to work smooth and consistently is to send only the small phone sized versions.
  2. Hi guys, Just reporting my findings with some odd behavior of the app since I'm not able to find this same instance happening anywhere else. I am on Android 12, X100V firmware v2, and app up to date. When on Jpeg + Raw, trying to send the full quality images (not the "resized image for smartphone 3m") over the Auto Image Transfer feature, the connection to camera drops out intermittently during transfer, causing the transfer to fail every time. This is not the case on iPhone - I have tested with iOS 15 on iPhone 7. The transfer works as expected as long as I shoot in only JPEG, or if I set transfer mode to the resize for smartphone option. Anyone else experiencing this?
  3. I was able to connect on OS 15 with an iPhone 7. Sorry I am not able to offer more help. Was coming to the forum with my own problem and saw this 😂
  4. Haven't been able to find a video or anything actually demonstrating the auto image transfer feature to the app, either while taking photos or when you turn the camera off and it does it in the background. Can anyone verify that this feature works well? Do the images just hang out in the app and you then have to save them directly to your phone or will they just show up in your phones photo gallery? Thanks in advance - this is kind of the make or break feature keeping me from going with the x100v vs saving some money on an older model that just has the standard wifi transfer. Ethan
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