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    KenMcD reacted to Greybeard in X-S10 storing time between two images   
    You probably have the Clarity setting on
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    KenMcD got a reaction from ccguy in X-T4 Not Recognizing Flash/TTL   
    This might be to do with your shutter type - it needs to be set to mechanical rather than electronic.  Shooting Menu 3, the camera icon, under Shutter Type
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    KenMcD reacted to FJ40Dan in Fujifilm 4k video editing software   
    Cyberlink power director - its been about 4 years since I used it but a great value, easy to use, and will do those files, made for windows
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    KenMcD got a reaction from GloriaSimmons in Fujifilm 4k video editing software   
    I'm looking for recommendations for video editing software to use with the MOV/H.265 HEVC file format.  I have a really high spec PC that I built myself, but I've tried Corel VideoSuite Ultimate 2020, and I have also looked into Adobe Premier Pro.  Corel say they can handle that codec, but my PC just crashes as soon as I try to do anything with it - Adobe have acknowledged that the files need to be converted into a different format.  I have used Adobe Premier Rush and it lets me work on the files, but it has limited functionality for music editing. 

    This format appears to be the highest spec format for video, and I'm planning to do some music videos which might need a lot of sound editing.  I have installed the Microsoft HEVC video extensions, PC is a 7th generation i7 processor, 48Gb RAM, 6gb graphics card.   

    Is this just an example of bleeding edge technology - nobody else has got there yet?
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    KenMcD reacted to juliedd in Fujifilm 4k video editing software   
    I will suggest TunesKit AceMovi video editor for windows 10, I think it is a good alternative to adobe premier pro. AceMovi is also a good video editor app that contains many features for editing such as split, crop, and zoom, green screen, rotate, change speed, and many more and has a large library. And it supports MOV/H.265 HEVC and some other formats.
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    KenMcD reacted to YOUTA in Fujifilm 4k video editing software   
    davinci resolve works well , also vegas pro support hevc 4k editing . windows suggestions ! .hope this helps . have a nice day ahead !
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    KenMcD reacted to Joe Roxx in Fujifilm 4k video editing software   
    DaVinci Resolve has quite a bit of a learning curve (for me at least). I use it mainly for stabilizing videos.
    Try VSDC or HitFilms. Like DaVinci Resolve, the free versions have enough features available for most needs. VSDC is more fully featured. There's a small cost to upgrade to a "pro" version which enables hardware acceleration especially handy if you have video card that you can utilize for video-related tasks.
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    KenMcD reacted to Don Barar in Fujifilm 4k video editing software   
    Hi Ken,
    Have you considered trying Davinci Resolve?  I have used it with 4K H.265 4:2:0 generated with an X-T3.  Color grading tools are excellent.  Works well on a Mac.  But I know there is Windows version.  You can download the very powerful freeware version 17 that has no time limits to see if it works for you.
    Don Barar
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    KenMcD got a reaction from bem in XT4 Firmware   
    Fix the autofocus in video.  Thomas Heaton (landscape photographer/blogger) commented when he reviewed the camera that they ought to sell it with a Bow and Arrow because it likes to Hunt (he likes the camera otherwise).  For stills it's pretty good but for video it keeps doing this thing where it loses faith in its own ability and suddenly rechecks focus by tuning out and back.  On some lenses (Viltrox 33mm) it makes it virtually unusable
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