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  1. try to update trigger and flash also. Make sure the shutter is Mechanical not Electronic
  2. use ND when you need wide aperture or slow shutter when lowest ISO is still to high for correct exposure.
  3. there is a problem between camera body and the transmitter. Is it fuji dedicated transmitter? if it's not, it may have center pin (universal hot shoe pin) connection setting set to off, try to find that setting if exist.
  4. Fuji has good ISO invariance, so exposure ISO is not crucial for ISO800 and above. Underexposed iso 800 raf pulled to 6400 in postproduction looks just like ISO 6400 out of the camera. It's important to keep DR setting at 100 for raf files, higher values increase your ISO with no benefits.
  5. adobe speaks .dng language, fuji does not. IMO C1 is the only right choice for fuji .raf files at the moment. C1 is far better than LR, it's faster, tethering works with no issues
  6. hi, My name is Bartek, I am a full-time photographer from Poland. I currently have x-t2 and x-pro2. It looks like they will stay with me for a long time Like many people, I sold my FF dslr nikon equipment two years ago and I loved these small but powerful X cameras and lenses. lately I deal mainly with portrait photography. After hours I also practice airbrush painting.
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