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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies. Fairly sure I’m decided on the 16-80mm as I think the focal length will be really useful for me.
  2. Interesting. I would be getting a new 16-80mm bundled with the X-T5 so would hope it’s up to standard. If there are issues I could return it.
  3. This looks like a really good, sharp lens but out of my price range. 😔 It only offers 2mm more compared to my 18-55mm.
  4. Thanks for your reply, good to know the 16-80mm performs well on the X-T5. 😊 I’m wondering if the 16-80mm might be better for a little more reach? My concern is the increased size and weight compared to the 18-55mm. Is it very cumbersome in comparison ? I’m patiently waiting for refurbished stock of the 70-300mm from Fuji so hopefully I can get that lens next year. I think those 2 lenses would provide great range.
  5. I think this has been fixed with a firmware update? I noticed pal2tech mentioned it on his page.
  6. Hi, I’ve had a Fuji X-T30 for a couple of years and I’m considering upgrading to the X-T5. I was going to get it body only, but I’m now wondering if I should take advantage of the kit pricing and get it with the 16-80mm lens? I love my 18-55mm lens and use it a lot but often find I would like a bit more reach. I’ve seen such varying reviews on the 16-80mm so I’m not sure if I should go for it or not? I mostly photograph landscapes, sometimes wildlife, nature, anything but people. 😂 I also currently have a 10-24mm and 35mm. I’m hoping to get the 70-300mm refurbished from Fuji if it’s ever in stock so I can photograph some wildlife and to give me more reach for landscapes. Does anyone have any thoughts on the 16-80mm vs the 18-55mm, particularly on the X-T5? Thanks for your help. 😊
  7. I have an X-T30 and seriously considering an upgrade.
  8. Hello 😊 Fellow Scot here, from NE Scotland.
  9. It does look like a good lens. I’ll need to see if it would give me enough reach for puffins 🤔
  10. Following this in case of any further updates! I have an X-T30 and would like a telephoto lens to give me more reach for landscape shots and the option to try wildlife photography. I’m struggling to decide between the 55-200 and 70-300, it seems there are pros and cons for both. Any recommendations are welcome!
  11. Sadly yes, it’s going to wipe out the lens fund! My MacBook is so slow and I get a notification saying I have no memory left when all I’ve done is open LR. It’s really slow to edit and I don’t have the patience 😂 I bought it before I was interested in photography so didn’t think about bigger memory.
  12. It should work through Rosetta but I’ve seen mixed reviews. Some people say C1 works well and others say it’s very unreliable 🤷‍♀️ My MacBook really struggles with LR and PS so I think I’ll need to upgrade this year. Going to wait and see if there are new M1 MacBooks released this year 16” would be ideal as I don’t have the room for a desktop
  13. I think some other manufacturers do it too, certainly Olympus does but I think you need to be pretty committed to buying afterwards and don’t think you have the same pressure with Fuji. I’ve used Lenses for Hire a few times and there isn’t a deposit to pay, their service is great. Handy if you’re going away and need a different lens but don’t want to buy it.
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