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  1. Sadly yes, it’s going to wipe out the lens fund! My MacBook is so slow and I get a notification saying I have no memory left when all I’ve done is open LR. It’s really slow to edit and I don’t have the patience 😂 I bought it before I was interested in photography so didn’t think about bigger memory.
  2. It should work through Rosetta but I’ve seen mixed reviews. Some people say C1 works well and others say it’s very unreliable 🤷‍♀️ My MacBook really struggles with LR and PS so I think I’ll need to upgrade this year. Going to wait and see if there are new M1 MacBooks released this year 16” would be ideal as I don’t have the room for a desktop
  3. I think some other manufacturers do it too, certainly Olympus does but I think you need to be pretty committed to buying afterwards and don’t think you have the same pressure with Fuji. I’ve used Lenses for Hire a few times and there isn’t a deposit to pay, their service is great. Handy if you’re going away and need a different lens but don’t want to buy it.
  4. I have the Express version. It’s fine but does lack quite a few features I would use. I was going to buy C1 outright but changed my mind as a subscription means I get all the latest updates. But I think £15 per month is a bit steep. Adobe is £10 and I get more programs and mobile apps.
  5. I follow Andy Mumford, his photos are amazing! 😍 I was pretty set on switching to Capture One but they’ve increased their prices recently and now Adobe seems to be better value for money.
  6. Yes, I got filters last year and had fun playing about with long exposure on the water. There are some lovely spots around here. ☺️ I’ve tried out the new 10-24mm lens and liked that, it’s probably next on my list once I’ve saved up.
  7. Perth is lovely, I'm up in the North East. I've just been out locally with the camera when out for walks. Hopefully travel will be allowed soon. I have a list of places I would love to go to. I also have a list of Fuji lenses I would like but need to get saving. I want to avoid having loads of lenses I hardly use.
  8. Hello, I'm from Scotland too! I had an entry level Canon which I rarely used. I got my Fuji and absolutely love it, I have an X-T30 with 18-55mm lens. Now I'm out with my camera often and have a lot more interest in photography.
  9. I've been trying Capture One Express recently and I quite like it but it's definitely a learning curve coming from Lightroom! It may be because it's the free version so doesn't need so much memory, but it runs faster on my MacBook compared to Lightroom/Photoshop. Once my Adobe subscription ends I'm going to try the free trial of Capture One Pro to see what I think and go from there. Thanks everyone for your helpful advice and tips
  10. These posts are interesting! I’m used to LR and find their subscription better value as you get Photoshop and the mobile apps too. I like the iPad app as it’s good for quick edits. I also like that i can organise my photos into collections. Unfortunately, it runs so slowly on my MacBook. Granted, my MacBook is 5 years old and only has 8GB RAM but even with no other programs open it’s still really slow. I’m still planning to at least try the trial of Capture One but the bugs and poor performance on the new MacBooks aren’t encouraging 😬 However, when I’ve used C1 Express I’ve found my raw files look nicer and don’t need to be processed so much. A hybrid of C1/LR would be great 😂
  11. Hi @Jonno Thanks for your reply. I was planning to buy Capture One 21 but thinking about it I may be better with a subscription as the upgrades will work out more costly. In any case, I’m still stuck with Adobe for a while yet.
  12. Hi @Herco Thanks as always for your very helpful response. 😊 Do you know roughly how long a version of Capture One ‘lasts’? E.g. if I purchased C1 version 21 how many MacOS updates roughly before C1 would stop working? Ideally I want to avoid the subscription model but it may work out cheaper 🤔
  13. My plan at the moment is to stick with Adobe until my subscription ends. I thought I just had a few months left but they recently renewed it for another year and didn't tell me! I would like to move to C1 Fuji and just buy the software as I have no plans to change my camera for a while. However, I'm also looking into upgrading my MacBook in the future and I'm wondering if C1 will support the new M1 chip or if I'll have to upgrade from the software I purchased? I've had a look on the C1 forum but it was mostly people complaining about a lack of transparency from C1 and poor customer support which was a bit off putting 😬
  14. I’m not much help I’m afraid as I don’t tether my camera. However, I believe the new version of Capture One is out today and on their website you can get a free trial to see if you like it. So I would use the trial and see what you think.
  15. Interesting thread! I've enjoyed reading everyones 'desert island lenses' I have an X-T30 with 18-55mm lens. I really like it and have no plans to get rid of it. I'm thinking of getting another lens next year and at the top of my list is the 10-24mm mk ii. I'm also tempted by a prime and the 35mm f2 is on my list. I'll have to start saving up! 😂 I've tried out the 55-200mm for a few days and I did like it but not sure how much I would use it. I don't really have a specific photography niche and I enjoy landscapes, nature, some urban, pretty much willing to give anything a go. The one thing that doesn't really interest me is portraits of people.
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