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  1. Oo... thanks for the tip! I’ll take a look at both those products. I usually keep them in a single side of my camera bag so no other metal objects are around them. But for some occasions having a cover or pouch like the above would be nice. Thanks, again!
  2. The current Fuji NP-W126S batteries do not come with little caps or cases to protect the terminals. Has anyone found a decent alternative or do we all just sorta toss them into the bag and go with it? The terminals appear recessed so I’m not overly worried but having come from other systems it seems... idk, odd.
  3. The brown model seems to be hard to come by. I’ve seen it in stock a few times at keh.com. They regularly have the silver model in stock in a variety of quality levels. I would be worried about purchasing from an unknown eBay or similar vendor. Also, I feel like brown models will command a higher price for being rare. Other sites like mpb.com have less Fuji gear but I’ve seen it cycle. Personally, I like the silver models the best. Graphite is a close tie but it’s just not the same. The silver always reminds me of the cameras of the past. And they get attention when I’m striking up a conversation for an unplanned portrait, at least I find. New v. used... well, right now with new being only USD$1199 (through end of month I think) I’d have to save at least USD$250 to make it worth going used unless it was a very reputable source. I also feel it depends on how much your going to use the camera and plans for reselling. New might offer a better service life or resale value.
  4. On my Mac, my X Acquire software is only used for shooting teathered. For transfer, depending on your photo organization system, the simplest option is just use a Finder window and the built in SD card reader if your device has one or a USB card reader. If you have an editing program like Lightroom, Capture One, or Luminar, they—for me—all open the import dialog automatically when the camera is connected or an SD care is inserted in the reader. Also, Fuji makes PC AutoSave (yes, also for Mac) that will transfer wirelessly if I remember.
  5. These are the QC issues I was worrying about and went with an X-T2 until there can be some more data. That’s unfortunate for a new camera. I’m surprised Fuji is taking so long to respond to you. Has this been a typical case?
  6. I am joining the Fuji sensation with an X-T2 because of this. The tear down video tho has eased some of my thoughts about going with a X-T3. Huzzah for the trial period!
  7. This is my biggest concern as well for jumping in to the Fuji system. Coming from Canon where my better equipment was made domestically in Japan, and even my light gear was Taiwan, I worry joining Fuji with a camera and/or lenses made in China would leave a bad impression. Specifically if there are QC issues, or corners cut, etc. I feel I wouldn’t be getting that Fuji experience that everyone is in love with. I’m sure there’s no basis for this as Fuji is supplying the parts and pieces so I feel a bit silly but it’s the reason I decided to purchase an X-T2 instead of a 3. The 18-55 lens it is coming with is made in Japan and so is the 35mm f/2 I ordered. Did you end up purchasing the X-T2? Do you feel like you’d have been okay with the X-T3 in hindsight? Any thoughts to share on real or perceived quality differences now that it’s been a bit?
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