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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, Just recently got my X-T5 (which is lovely albeit blimmin' complicated!). I have got some basic settings on it and I'm now reading through the manual to make sure I at least know about everything. One thing which is totally throwing me. In the manual it references the selector dial underneath the shutter speed control as being the "Metering Dial". This suggests that this dial would allow selection between things like spot metering, centre-weighted meeting, matrix, etc... right? This is confirmed in multiple places in the manual, see the attached screenshots. However on mine, this control -- unless I truly am going mad -- is only to switch between stills mode and video mode. What is going on here?! Thanks Alastair
  2. My current settings: Grain Effect: Weak (I typically change this as per film simulation) Dynamic Range: 100 Highlight Tone: +1 Shadow Tone +1 Color: 0 Sharpness: 0 Noise Reduction: -4 What do you all use and why? I haven't quite found the sweet spot for all of my settings, so I would love input.
  3. Dear all, First of all, please excuse the long message! On the X-Pro 2, there are many different settings for the hybrid viewfinder and the back screen, in terms of “what turns on when” and “what displays what and for how long”. I however cannot get the viewfinder and back screen to do what I'd like them to do, and after fumbling around for quite a while and not succeeding, I now resort to the expert knowledge of forum members. Rather than go through all the options, let me just explain what I'd like the viewfinder and back screen to do, then please tell me what settings to adopt in order to obtain this behavior: 1. When I switch on the camera, I want nothing to happen. The viewfinder doesn't activate, the back screen doesn't activate. 2. When I press the “Play” button next to the screen, I want it to display the latest recorded photo (ideally for 10 seconds but I'll accept another length of time if 10 seconds are not possible), then I want it to go black again. 3. When I bring my eye to the viewfinder, I want it to activate so that I can take a picture, and I want the back screen to deactivate simultaneously in case it was showing something. 4. After I've taken a picture, I want the viewfinder to deactivate as soon as I remove my eye from it, and I want the just-taken photograph to be displayed on the screen right away for chimping purposes, again ideally for 10 seconds, but I'll make do if not possible for that length of time. 5. When my eye is up to the viewfinder, if I remove it without taking a picture, I don't want the screen to activate by default, thinking I want to use it to frame the shot. In fact, and except for displaying previously taken photos, I want the screen to remain black at all times, except on the rare occasion when I deliberately choose to activate it to frame a shot (could be via a programmed function button or otherwise). I am probably very clumsy (not to mention dumb), but I haven't succeeded so far in getting the X-Pro 2 to do the above, although it sounds simple enough. I have almost managed it, but it still displays just-taken pictures by default in the viewfinder, which I don't like, instead of on the back screen. The viewfinder is thus kept busy for a couple of seconds instead of being instantly available to take the next picture (unless I half-press the shutter release, of course, but that button is quite sensitive and sometimes when I half-press it, I find myself actuating the shutter without meaning to do so, and that defeats the purpose). I will be eternally grateful if anyone can tell me how to achieve what I have described above. Many thanks in advance indeed. Dominique
  4. Hi Everyone, I am hoping the Fuji veterans here can offer suggestions to a problem I have with the Mount Adaptpr setting on the X-T20. For lenses 5 and 6, I can set the Focal Length. However, the Distortion, Color Shading, and Peripheral Illumination Correction options are (unshaded) disabled. Firmware v2.0 is installed and the Shoot Without Lens is On. What have I missed?
  5. Hi all, I have just started to use an X-T2 and have still kept the Nikon, I have an adapter to use my Nikon lenses with the Fuji. I need to set the focal length in Mount Adaptor Settings, it seems simple enough for primes eg. 105 mm, 35 mm, etc, but how do I input the focal length when using a zoom? Do I set up the shot and then, before taking it, input the actual, or nearest!, focal length - then shoot? I can get up to 999 mm but can't get 80-200 mm.......................... over to you.
  6. Hi there, I am shooting a conference this weekend and could use some advice regarding best settings for the X-T2, specifically regarding settings for auto focus. The conference will be badly lit (of course!) and no flash is allowed so am going to be shooting wide open mainly using f1.2 or f1.4. In single shot, single point focus this wouldn't be too much of a problem but in burst mode I tend to find the first image is perfectly focused and the next ones in the series are slightly off due to movement from the speaker (and I would like to make use of the 11 frames per second). My feeling would be to set the camera to continuous, and have a relatively small square area of coverage, but am not sure what the best settings would be to use in the new auto focus settings setup menu? Any advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Jason.
  7. The EF-X8 Flash with XT3 can be used as commander to trigger off camera flash. The manual and Flash selling official websites say that. The settings or procedure is nowhere explained. Can somebody please explain.
  8. Has anyone had odd behavior with the Face/Eye-Detection setting seeming to change itself to off with an X-Pro3. I realize it's likely me but I can't duplicate the cause and that's throwing me off. I set the focus area to all and turn on Face/Eye-Detect to Eye Auto. It will function for a length of time then, looking through the OVF, it won't recognize a face. Curious, I check the setting and it's turned Face/Eye-Detection off. I turn it back on without changing any other settings and poof, face recognition works fine. Rinse and repeat. The detect setting is not assigned to a function button. I tried changing batteries, memory cards, metering modes, zone/point focus modes, focus point displays, film simulations, movie/stills mode, exposure comp, flipping screens and all the dials, changing the OVF/EVF, and changing lenses with the camera on and off and nothing seems to duplicate the occasional surprise change in the setting. It's one of those things that happens when I'm not paying attention to it -- Haha... okay, I know it sounds crazy but I'm wondering if there is anyone with some suggestions on what I may be overlooking as a possible cause.
  9. I just bought a fuji x-t4, and since it's my first fuji camera I'm still lost in the menus. I found the option where I can set if I want it to focus before shooting or shoot right away: It's called RELEASE/FOCUS PRIORITY and can be found in the AF/MF menu. Here's a reference: http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-t3/menu_shooting/af_mf_setting/index.html Now how can I use a shortcut to quickly change it? I'm used to shoot a nikon camera where I've set up a shortcut to toggle this option when a "fn" button is pressed.
  10. Hi all, I am new to Fuji and I am still learning the camera UI. Ideally I would like to keep the Aperture and Shutter Speed to AUTO and act on two things: 1) Adjust Exposure Compensation using the front dial. 2) Adjust the Aperture/Shutter Speed combination using the thumb dial. (while always respecting the exposure compensation I set) Now I am able to do 1) but I am not able to do 2) to tweak the aperture or shutter speed while in automatic. I know I can set the SS dial to T, but I don't like that since it doesn't always ensure the exposure I set. Is it possible to do this kind of setup? Thanks in advance, Paolo
  11. Hi Guys, Just got a new camera and trying to update it to the latest firmware. Unfortunately, I cannot find connection settings as stated in the Manual Please help
  12. I wonder whether anyone else has had this problem (I know someone else has - from a post on the X-T3 FB group. I just cannot persuade the front command dial to adjust the aperture! Tried using the 18-55 and the 80mm. And yes: it's set to Aperture Priority (lens not set to A; shutter knob set to A; ISO set to...well, any setting other than A). EVF confirms I'm in Aperture Priority. And if I set EC to C and press in the front command, the dial does adjust EC. So it seems it's just the aperture adjustment I can't get to work. And yes: in Menu, I went to wrench/spanner, selected Button/Dial Setting/Command Dial Setting, and set "1" (F) to Aperture. Any suggestions? Of course I can change aperture on the lens, but the front command dial SHOULD work (shouldn't it?), and it would be handy if it did... Thanks for any comments! Heather
  13. I would like to know best settings for street photography on xt30
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