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  1. Yes I have considered it, but I own a nice 35mm on another camera and it has put me of buying something that duplicates
  2. Hi there. Just joined and been using fuji xt2 for a year or so, came from olympus/panasonic.It is a passion which Fuji keeps allight. I absolutely love these cameras but maybe the lenses more. Currently own xf16 1.4, xf 56 1.2, xf 50-140, Xf 100-400 plus the 18-55 zoom. I decided to invest in the lenses because as the bodies improve the lenses will always keep up (nearly). Looking forward to reading/contributing on here. Thanks for the opportunity. Included one of my first pics with 16 1.4
  3. I have the xt2 and the 56 1.2 and it really isn't lacking except maybe it's a little slower in low light autofocus. But it is still fine in most situations . I wouldn't see a professional wedding photographer using for example but that is extreme tbh..
  4. Hi new member here so bear with ! I have an xt2 with various lenses and have heard of improvements with the 56mm 1.2 (which i use) , but I am only going to upgrade if it would yield improvements with other lenses. I refer specifically to the xf 100-400 focusing in moderate light and perhaps also the 50-140, although this is pretty good. I believe the new model focuses down to -3 ev but my question really is that is the lens a potential bottleneck to the improvements. May sound a daft question but there is not much chance of me trying one out in the real world situations in the foreseeable future
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