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  1. MattX

    XT3 or 56mm?

    I’ve got an XT2. Got both 35mm f1.4 and 18mm. Was thinking about getting a 56mm f1.2. Now the XT3 is announced which should I get!!!? I want both but can only afford one…
  2. This makes sense... But yes, Dis, I am assuming Capture One Pro will apply the above. Obviously things like aperture affect the light falling on the sensor so there is no 'setting' to record but how about DR? Also you have my thoughts spot on, if I set the sharpness to +1 would Capture One RAW convertor apply this when converting or is this not recorded at all in camera when shooting RAW only?
  3. I'm trying to work out which camera settings are applied to the RAW files on the X-T1. I shoot 'RAW only' with a load of settings applied, including ones on the Q menu e.g. film simulation Chrome, sharpness +1, dynamic range 100 etc. Are these settings actually applied to the RAW file when it is downloaded to my laptop? I work with Capture One Pro 8 on a Macbook Pro. Reading through a ton of web pages and people's opinion about only shooting jpg I'm suddenly unsure if any of the settings I tweak on the camera are actually applied to the file when I download it and am starting to get the impression these settings are only applied to jpg files. Matt.
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