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  1. Did you format the card before coping the firmware to it? Maybe the XT4 has a different format type. I got an XT20 and a XA1, both were updated with fresh in camera formatted cards. And it works fine Are you able to perform the firmware again or is the camera bricked? Wish you good luck
  2. You use an old version of the dng converter. The latest is number 10.2 https://supportdownloads.adobe.com/detail.jsp?ftpID=6291 This works with my X-T20. Regards Zippo Gesendet von meinem BLN-L21 mit Tapatalk
  3. Has anyone experience with my problem? Greetings Zippo
  4. The new firmware offers focus point choice over touch screen, that's the big one in this update. I'm not sure if there are improvements in the focusing system themselve. Some of the Fuji-guys visited the Camera store... https://youtu.be/ccmrzw9J4gM Greetings Zippo
  5. Push the "view mode" button. Greetings Zippo
  6. Short time before I bought the Fuji, I spent some money in new flash equipment. The use of the TX 622C on the Canon is a real pleasure, no searching in the menu. The fast and easy change of power and zoom is something I would like to use with my little X-T20. But when I mount the TX on the Fuji the flash (YN685C) fires only one time and then the red link-led turns on and it do nothing anymore until I switch it off. I taped the four other contacts for Canon so that only the main x-sync middle pin remains open but it is still the same. Did anyone had the same problem and find a solution? Greetings Zippo Greetings Zippo
  7. I suppose your hand darken the EVF sensor. Check your hand when watch back, I had the same issue when I play back my pictures. Gesendet von meinem BLN-L21 mit Tapatalk
  8. The 1/20 is the best I can get out of my 18-55 so I think this is the limit of this lens. I very surprised by your 55-200mm! I got a Canon 70-200mm f4 and the stabilisation is good but nothing in between to your glass. The best was a 1/50. Greetings Sebastian Gesendet von meinem BLN-L21 mit Tapatalk
  9. Is the 18-55 sharp when you shot from a tripod? What aperture did you choose? It would be helpful if you post some example-pictures. Gesendet von meinem BLN-L21 mit Tapatalk
  10. I was facing the same problem. The worms doesn't bother me that much because they were only visible in a huge magnification. But the skin color was awful. I bought a Colorchecker and did some test shots of different light-situations. Since then you can choose the profile which matches the situation of your photo in Lightroom. After some months with the X-T20, I work mostly with one profile (matches the most situations). Gesendet von meinem BLN-L21 mit Tapatalk
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