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  1. More than anything, what the blog posts are showing is Fuji really needs a 200 2.8 (or 2) or 300 2.8 before it can be a serious player. From what I see, it won't make a difference how much better AF is with the X-T2, or ISO performance, the lens reach just isn't there. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  2. Camera equipment is meant to be used. I can never understand how so much fine equipment is used so little - cameras a few years old with only a few hundred actuations. I certainly don't purposely abuse gear, but I buy it to use and to get photos. If you are unwrapping a lens from a protective cocoon every time you want to put it on, you are likely missing photos, unless your only subject matter are static. I'm a former photojournalist, so my views are probably a little more cavalier towards using gear. But if it isn't accessible and easy to get to, you miss shots.
  3. It may somewhat help - especially as light levels fall since the AF is more sensitive. However, much of the AF speed is determined by the lens itself so there are limits how much a lens like the 50-230 can improve.
  4. Had both and kept the 35 1.4. Both are lovely, but the 1.4 just has an extra something in its rendering that is hard to put into words. Had I not had previous experience with the 1.4, I would have been very pleased with the 2. You won't go wrong with either.
  5. I love the original trio - something special about them. But I also found the 23 1.4 to be absolutely sublime. Have not used the 14 enough to have a "feel" for it, other than it is lovely, and have never laid eyes or hands on the 16, 56 or 90.
  6. I love my 18. Previously had the 18-55 and enjoy the prime so much more. I think it is an underrated lens.
  7. I anxiously awaited FW 4.0 for my X-T1 and 55-200 to see if it would/could come close to my former Olympus E-M1 and 50-200 SWD lens. Pretty impressed with the results. My standard test subject, my speedy 10-year-old, runs at me full bore down the sidewalk. Did the same test, starting at the same tree, with me standing in the same spot with the different camera and lens combos, albeit at different times, but all within the last few months. First, the Olympus, done March 8, 2015. Firmware 3.0 for the E-M1was transformative, giving the Oly useable CAF. The best of two samples was 78% in-focus for the SWD lens version (this is an adapted lens from the legacy 4/3 system, the native 40-150 2.8 would be better). This sample had 42 frames in an 8 second burst, 33 images sharp. The original 50-200 without the faster SWD motor, gave me 45% in-focus rate. Now, to Fuji. Three weeks ago when I did the test with the 55-200, after coming back to Fuji, I replicated this test. My best keeper rate with the X-T1, in two runs, was 18% .... only 4 of the 22 frames in a short burst were sharp. I seriously contemplated returning to Olympus as the performance was much better, but I love the Fuji IQ and lenses. I decided not to be rash and await the promised firmware ... Fast forward to today and Firmware 4.0 .... drumroll please, 76% sharp in a 21-frame burst, 16 sharp and 5 unsharp. First attempt was 63%, 22 sharp, 9 not sharp. Ecstatic with the positive changes in this firmware. Way to go Fuji. I am hoping to get the 50-140 someday soon, and I'm positive with that lens the percentages would be even better! The most difficult thing with mirrorless and CAF is framing - keeping the subject in the focus area when you don't have a live image is a challenge and for this, DSLR's are far superior. Attached is a SOOC example shot, no crop, nothing but resizing:
  8. Lovely image. I traveled to Hanoi in 2000, totally falling in love with that country and its people. Would very much like to see more!
  9. Wow, can't wait for the update, and the 50-140 I'm hoping to get ... Nice write-up and pics.
  10. I see these were taken with the 55-200. I've been curious how this lens would behave with the new FW, and it appears to perform much better! Thanks for posting.
  11. Fuji is doing a remarkable thing, especially in this day and age, to improve its cameras beyond what the user paid for or expected. The silly arguments over whether the leaked firmware is or is not final are childish at best. People took the risk, however large or small, to install unknown firmware. Fuji and its reps have said it isn't the final version, why argue with them. Bottom line is, whether any line of code changes or not, until Fuji says it is final, it isn't. Enjoy the features the new firmware brings and please quit arguing whether it's final or not. It isn't. Plain and simple. Until Fuji releases it officially, this one isn't (doesn't mean anything at all will change with the official version). Now, can we please keep discussing the performance improvements ...
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