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  1. I shoot both RAW and JPG, but mostly use JPEGs when sharing. And here's my reasoning.

    My film sim of choice on my X-T2 is Acros+R. Street, landscape, portraits, are almost always in B&W for a couple of reasons. I find i just see better in black and white and can focus on composition. I know I have the RAW file if I want color or to make adjustments. And I typically use the phone app to pull JPEGs immediately to post to Instagram or to email to the subjects of events or street portraits.

    When I shoot with adapted lenses and manual focus, the black and white rendition allows the red-outlined focus peaking highlight to be easily visible enabling faster focusing.

    And ISO 3200 noise in B&W looks just fine to my eyes.

    Also, I encourage you to explore faster apertures and topping out at f/8. A more shallow depth of field aids the viewer and even at f/8 there should be plenty in focus and sharper images.

  2. Wanted to pick up a 16-55, but saw a 10-24 used, locally, so that was my first lens purchase for a newly acquired X-T1. I'm pretty happy with it so far! 

    I shoot a lot of street and some landscape. I've had it for less than a week and haven't used it for street yet, but I did shoot some landscapes:


    I also picked up a 18-55 for a steal, but don't have it yet. The 50-140 and 56mm are next on my list. I'd be a happy camper with those.


    As an aside, I have also tried a Leica Summilux 50mm, Summarits (35/75mm) and they all work pretty well. The 50 Summilux is holding me back from the 56mm purchase as the IQ is very nice, but I'm not convinced I want to manually focus anything on the X-T1...

  3. I got one in a trade for a lens recently. Couldn't sell the Sigma macro lens for Nikon, so I took the trade. And am happy I did - It's a pretty fun camera.

    The layout of the controls is pretty good. The buttons are a little hard to press - but you won't press them by accident!


    Some recent shots from my first trip out with it:

  4. Have used a lot of systems over the years, but just got into Fuji. Wasn't planning on it, but was offered a X-T1 in a trade on a macro lens for Nikon and took it. 


    Liking things so far, but don't have any native lenses yet. Contemplating trying to trade a Leica Summarit 75mm f/2.4 for some native lenses, but the lens performs great - although slower then AF.



    The latest are shot with the X-T1 and either Voigtlander 28mm (nikon mount, nikon to leica m adapter + m to fuji adapter) or the Leica Summilux 50mm - the EXIF says 40mm but I forgot to change the setting.


    Looking forward to this community,



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