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  1. Hi Jerryy, Thanks for the answer. Yes by Film Recipes I meant Film Simulation and what you suggested I'd try those. Regarding IQ issue, I am attaching here two JPEGS which I have converted from RAW using Photoshop RAW plugin. Image_1 with ISO 2500 and the other one Image_2 with ISO 1600. Both have clear color noise. None of them are edited. Yes, these are bit underexposed but it was my intention. I generally use small aperture to get everything clear, but does this 23 mm lens has any issue with F14 or F16 level. Should I use F8 or F11 instead to get better clarity. Can that avoid the noise? Or whatever be the aperture, I'll always have to get correct exposure to make my image noise free? Regards, Gourab
  2. Hi, I am very new in Fuji, Fuji X100 V is my first Fuji camera. Before this camera I used Nikon DSL (D750 a 35 MM sensor camera). On my first day out with this camera, I used RAW and JPEG Normal. For JPEG I used Vivid as I love high saturation. The problem is during low light condition. I set Auto ISO upto 3200. At 3200 I am getting lots of noise which contradicts what the camera manufacturer claims for this camera. Is this normal, or there is some issue with my camera? Also I need recommendation, specially for doing street photography. Should I use RAW or JPEG? If JPEG then can you please suggest any specific Film Recopies applicable for Street? Should I use Fuji X RAW Studio or continue doing my editing in PS CC? Regards, Gourab
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